WHAT IS VIBROFLOTATION? It is a Specialist Deep Foundation Technique used for Ground improvement to considerable depth, up to 75 meters. It uses a. The vibroflotation process (VF) is used to densify soil formations which do not have an optimum relative density – mainly naturally deposited or backfilled. Vibro-compaction also known as vibro-flotation is a technique in which the density of granular soils are increased by the insertion of a heavy vibrating poker to.

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Upon the conclusion of vibroflotation activities, densities are usually checked to ensure that adequate compaction was achieved. The dam consists of two earth embankments, a gated spillway, and a concrete and masonry powerhouse.

Vibroflotation Vibroflotation

Currently, 80 percent is the general criterion for compaction; this level of compaction is generally deemed acceptable for soils beneath foundations. A thorough analysis of the subsurface soils was conducted in order to determine whether vibroflotation would be a feasible improvement technique. Like many construction activities, quality control is very important during construction. These materials generate excess pore water pressures which greatly inhibits volume change and results in preventing the granules to move into a denser state.

This increase in relative density results in reduced settlements as well as improved resistance to liquefaction. Slag has been viborflotation in some cases, and can be an economical option if there is a large supply available.

The static cone penetration test resistance of pounds per square inch was generally achieved and demonstrated that between depths of 6.

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Spacing distance and pattern affects the uniformity of the densified material. The first is vibroflotarion, which uses a vibroflot that vibrates horizontally. The vibrator typically weighs on the order of 10, to 20, pounds and generates a centrifugal force of 43, to 70, pounds Bauer Maschinen GmbH, Densifiction by dynamic compaction is performed by dropping a heavy weight of steel or concrete in a grid pattern from heights of 30 to ft.

The follow-up pipe remains nearly stationary during operation and acts as a rigid casing, providing protection to the power and water supply. Offshore and Polar Eng. Keller Grundbau performed the work over a period of 10 working months.

Vibroflotation Vibroflotation | Civil Engineering

Three different spacing patterns were examined, including the line, square, and triangular pattern. These correlations may be appropriate to apply to reasonably similar soils, however, site-specific calibration testing is crucial for producing accurate and reliable relative density correlations from CPT results.

Benchmarks were placed around the site to vihroflotation the amount of settlement experienced before, during, and after construction. The works are carried out by the geographical entities of Soletanche Bachy under their name.

Vibro Compactiona technique for deep compaction of granular soils. Today, CPTs are most vlbroflotation used for verifying relative density. In one case study, vibroflotation was found to be one of the most economical remedial solutions compared to other common ground improvement techniques.

The Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Company vibroflitation posed a great challenge. When the excess porewater pressure from the dynamic loading dissipates, additional densification occurs.


The silty sand layers which were targeted for densification contained a median of 15 percent fines, with 30 percent of the samples containing more than 20 percent fines.

Vibroflotation was the best technical and economical solution for improving the loose granular soil without posing a great risk to existing structures and machinery near the site. Hydraulic sand fill obtained from nearby borrow pits was used to the backfill the dredged area. Cone penetration resistances ranged from pounds per square inch to pounds per square inch with friction ratios of approximately 0.

The densification of reclaimed soil both on and off shore on Jurong Island was achieved through the use vibroflotation. CPT applicability Massarsch, Measurements showed maximum vibroflotattion velocities well within permissible limits. It is clear that vibroflotation was an excellent solution for this scenario of very loose sands. Vibrofloration have been developed which vibrpflotation CPT results to relative density.

Relative vibrfolotation and cone penetration resistance correlation Baldi et al, Contractors have two main options: Instead pre-drilling with a 24 inch bucket auger was used to create holes that reached the silty sand layers. Ian Mcreery Yanet Zepeda. The vibroflot remains at the desired depth of improvement until the material reaches adequate density.

The second correlation presented Equation 4 was developed by Kulhway and Mayne