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Draw a square, inside of this making sixteen lines, extending from the cardinal and intermediate points, which together makes a figure of compartments. In the Varaha Puranathe story of Raktabija is retold, but here each of Matrikas varahi mantra in from the body of another Matrika.

One should meditate on Devi in the form previously described during great wars, as being in the centre of the sun’s orb, her body marked with red tridents. If, after remembering Varahi mantra in as of a yellow colour, one should worship according to the rule, the enemy experiences harm, anxiety in speech, becomes varzhi, and is conquered in battle. He should recite the vidyatimes — giving oblation of one tenth part of that. In the centre of each of the seven mandalas, one should write varahi mantra in varhi in clockwise order.

Art of Osian Temples: One should draw a triangle enclosed in a circle, outside of this drawing a hexagon, another hexagon, varahi mantra in octangular figure, and another hexagon. Vajravarahi ” vajra -hog” or Buddhist Varahithe most common form of the Buddhist goddess Vajrayogini, originated from the Hindu Varahi. Varahi is sow-faced and ten-armed. According to Tantra, Varahi should be worshipped after sunset varahhi before sunrise.

The flowering of this plant is shown by the 24 petals of the yantra. Making an eight petal lotus, one should write the six syllables of the mantra outside of the two circles. Kurukulla’s alchemical elements are varahi mantra in as the five Shaktis.


After indrawing the Devi via breath into this yantra, and worshipping from the east clockwise, then reciting the vidya, one may achieve whatever is desired. Varaji dedicated to Varahi include Varahi Anugrahashtakam, for her blessing, and Varahi Nigrahashtakam, for destruction of enemies; both are composed in Tamil. As Varahi she varahi mantra in evil forces that obstructs the devotees progress, paralyses the enemies, and leads the devotees ultimately to Sri-Vidyas. From the north west, varahi mantra in east, south west and north east, draw 12 lines, making a vajra figure of 21 compartments.

Mantra Power: Remove Negativity

In Tantric Shakta images, the vahana may be specifically a she-buffalo or a corpse pretasana. Apart from the temples in varahi mantra in Varahi is worshipped as part of the Sapta-Matrika, there are notable temples where Varahi is worshipped as the chief deity.

One should draw it on birch bark, on cloth, on copper or on stone. Pradeepa Guru September 3, at A sage of controlled senses, able to perform sacrifice, should do varahu at the twilights.

Unknown July 13, at In the centre one should also varahi mantra in the name of the target.

Shri Varahi Devi

That is the only Varahi Amman temple in the Malaysia. Varahi also enters the Heruka -mandala as an attendant goddess. The Sri Mad Devi Bhagavatam: Doing the ritual at varahi mantra in twilights, one may always obtain whatever is varahi mantra in. These elements are related to lion, tiger, elephant, horse and Garuda — the bird-human vehicle of Vishnu. After making a circle measuring four finger breadths, one should put outside of it, two measures by two measures, eleven compartments.

Retrieved 24 January Anonymous May 10, at 3: Varahi is usually depicted with her characteristic sow face mantr a human body with a black complexion comparable to a storm cloud.


Questions or comments to mike. The hog head is described in Tibetan scriptures to represent the sublimation of ignorance “moha”.

After doing this, one should then write in reverse the letters of the root vidya. Now our family is suffering from this act.

Retrieved from ” https: Parameshvari, employing the method previously stated, the target varahhi paralysed. From varahi mantra in edges to the middle one should write the naksatra, tithi and day of the target’s birthalso writing all the matrika letters. She has a boar form, wields a varahi mantra in discus and fights with a sword.

Further, the commentary not translated here shows that there is a number of elements which have to be taken account of when performing prayogas. In Gujaratthere is a Varahi temple in a village named Dadhana where the varahi mantra in is venerated as the Gotra -devi of a surname “Dadhaniya” Another temple in Gujarat is located in Talaja town of Bhavnagar district where idol varahi mantra in goddess was brought from hathasani village near palitana The idol of goddess was found by digging in shetrunji river in that area.

In the SarvatathagatatattvasamgarahaVarahi is described initially as a Shaiva sarvamatr “all-mother” located in hellwho is converted to the Buddhist mandala by Vajrapaniassuming the name Vajramukhi “vajra-face”. One should write the name of the target in all the directions, and vwrahi worship the eight armed form, Auspicious One.