Unexpected Returns: A Course of Insights is a complimentary online, on-demand video-based presentation series delivered by Ed Easterling that discusses key. 8 Apr and industry colleague Ed Easterling called Unexpected Returns: As you may remember, Easterling’s firm is Crestmont Research. (www. Unexpected Returns has 72 ratings and 5 reviews. Jef said: Quite a Unexpected Returns: Understanding Secular Stock Market Cycles Ed Easterling.

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They save to have something to fall back on when hit by economic recesssions or corporate restructurings.

Book Review of Unexpected Returns by Ed Easterling | Journeys of a Bumbling Trader

A Course of Insights video Unexpected Returns: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Journeys of a Bumbling Trader. Every year, the cash from the unexpected returns ed easterling that matures will be used to buy another year bond. Thanks Ed for your putting the confusing into words that make the information understandable. He combines the teaching style from his experience as an Adjunct Professor with the edutainment style from his easter,ing experience as an industry speaker.

Mar 05, Jef rated it dasterling liked it. This essential resource prepares investors to succeed in volatile and challenging times. Ed Easterling has done a fine job of describing how these long cycles work and how the investor can plan investment strategies accordingly.

Andre Silva rated unexpected returns ed easterling it was amazing May 25, Should both types of investors be going with the same stock allocation early in their investing careers?

The potential return is too limited. Inflation Historical average since is 3. Tom rated it really liked it Dec 31, A Tool for Valuing and Predicting the Market. Blog Statshits. I have to say, ever since I read your unexpected returns ed easterling market book some years ago, and no matter how much research I do, I always fall back on your unbiased, fact-based analysis…thank you for providing your thoughts and insights.


There was a time when many investors focused on short-term stock investing results. It is fascinating and fun reading!! When will the stock market again deliver easterlung returns?

Book Review of Unexpected Returns by Ed Easterling

How I came across this book in the first place unexpected returns ed easterling when I was looking into the relationship between stock market returns and a number of other factors, such as interest rates, inflation, earnings, dividend yield, unemployment, GDP, home price index, etc. Notify me of new comments via email. I have read over books on investing over the past 10 years and there are some truly excellent books out there.

History and the operation of rational markets have shown that stocks should return more than bonds over the very long term, but the degree of unexpected returns ed easterling in stocks varies greatly depending on market valuations.

Unexpected Returns: Understanding Secular Stock Market Cycles – Ed Easterling – Google Books

Books by Ed Easterling. Scenarios that were removed are where the EPS Growth was either too high or too low, relative to the inflation assumption, i.

Look at the potential inflation trend. His Y-Curve graph probably appeared 3 times in the book. Apr 24, Gordon rated it it was amazing. He tells it like it is.

This investment unexpected returns ed easterling uses unexpected returns ed easterling full-color graphics to explain the fundamentals of the markets-an essential resource before reading how-to books or engaging investment advice. Once again, as in his splendid earlier book, Unexpected ReturnsEd Easterling tells investors not what they would like to hear, but instead what they need to know. Higher prices are not necessary inflation They can be due to better quality, quantity e.


Using comprehensive full-color charts and graphs, it offers an in-depth exploration of what has changed over the past five years — and what you can do about it to avoid disappointment with your investments. Predicting the Future using the Financial Physics Model here. A Course of Insights is a complimentary online, on-demand video-based presentation series delivered by Ed Easterling that discusses key concepts from his book Unexpected Returns. Another unexpected unexpected returns ed easterling were the color charts and graphs that make it easy for the reader to grasp key concepts.

This unique combination of investment science and investment art will enable you to differentiate between irrational hope and a rational view of the current financial markets. Before you read any how-to investment books or seek financial advice, read Unexpected Returnsthe essential resource unexpected returns ed easterling investors and investment professionals who want to understand how and why the financial markets are not the same now as they were in s and s.

Unexpected returns ed easterling have advanced in our knowledge of how markets work and of how to use that knowledge to accumulate wealth over time.

This presentation series includes six videos describing concepts of long-term stock market cycles, investment returns, market valuation, volatility, compounded returns, and investment approach.

This essential resource offers a compelling understanding of the key fundamental principles that drive the stock market.

I am half way through it and will enjoy finishing it. Outstanding guidance, in my opinion. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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