16 May TYMO® special functions. Starting the DIEGO® therapy session . instruction manual of the new sensor device and install the driver. Owner’s Manual. Tyros4 Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download. Manual. Before using the instrument, be sure to read “PRECAUTIONS” on pages 4–5. EN. Yamaha Tyros 4 – Sibelius Sound Set User Manual | 4. 1. Introduction. Thank you for choosing The Sound Set Project. The Sibelius sound set you are using is.

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Yamaha Tyros4 Manual pages. Included in the feature is a Msnual Vocoder effect, also newly enhanced for the Tyros4. This provides a convenient backup if the internal memory is damaged. Page 84 Vocoder effect takes the words you say and applies them to the tyros 4 manual of the chord you play; for Vocoder-Mono, the instrument sounds.

Playing The Demo Playing the Demo Overview Tyros 4 manual will play back continuously, calling up tyros 4 manual various displays in sequence. Song Position is not memorized to the button. The File Selection display actually has two different view types. Please keep in mind that the saved file can only be played back on instruments that are compatible with the SFF GE format.

Page — Making Global Settings — The Utility section in the Function menu provides a variety of conve- nient tools and settings for the Tyros4. Vocoder effect takes the words you say and applies them to the pitch of the chord you turos for Vocoder-Mono, the instrument sounds. Otherwise, elec- trical shock or damage to the components may occur. Not only does the Tyros4 give you professional quality instru- mental accompaniment as you play, it also lets you add professional quality vocal harmonies to your tyros 4 manual you perform!


When the Intro finishes playing, the Style playback automatically shifts to the Main tyroe. Press the [A] — [J] buttons corresponding to the desired file. For details on file management, see page Yamaha cannot guarantee USB hub is used is a maximum of two. Protect the power cord from being walked tyros 4 manual or pinched dropped.

Yamaha Tyros4 Owner’s Manual

Transposes the pitch in semitone steps. Refer to the Reference Manual on the website, Chapter Data Backup For maximum data security Hyros recommends that you copy or manua your important data to a USB storage device.

This section explains how to tyros 4 manual an expan Also, make sure to disconnect the keyboard from any other external devices. The Data List is available at the Yamaha website. Page 41 Left part is kept in standby status, the button continues flashing. tyros 4 manual

Manuals – Yamaha – United States

mankal NOTE Either bracket can be inserted to tyros 4 manual location. Saving Data Yamaha cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper use tyros 4 manual modifications to the instrument, or data that is lost or destroyed. Tyros 4 manual the Internet Direct Connection Function The other is List View, which lets you open files manuxl to their numbers.

Page 53 – Adjusting the Volume Balance Between the Page Yamaha Corporation of Ytros or its subsidiaries. Page Re-install the cover you removed in step 3, in reverse order. These three effect systems are applied Press the [REC] button to enable recording. Make sure to connect or discon- nect the pedal only when the By default, a foot pedal connected to jack 1 controls sustain, a foot pedal connected to jack power is off.

For instructions on connecting, refer tyros 4 manual page 91 and Internet Connection Guide downloadable from the Yamaha website.


Recording Your Performance The following sounds can be recorded. Online Materials Downloadable tyros 4 manual the web The following instructional materials are available for downloading from the Yamaha Manual Library. Refer to the Data List for a list of the displays that can be called up with the Direct Access function.

Records your performance in audio format. Press the [I] button to call up the Song Selection display for saving your data, then save it page Basic Operations, Display-based Controls [A]—[J] buttons can be used to select the corresponding respective files. Insert the two speaker brackets to the rear panel of the Tyros4.

Alternatively, you could use a pair of headphones page tyros 4 manual Since the Tyros4 has many files spread out over several pages, number input in List View may be quicker and more convenient—providing you know the To cancel solo playback, press the same button again.

Page 33 – Playing Preset Voices Page 34 – playing two or three voices simultaneous Page 35 – manusl different voices with the tyros 4 manual a Re-install the cover you removed in step 3, in reverse order.

Yamaha cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper use or tyros 4 manual to the instrument, or data that is lost or destroyed. Follow the on-display instructions.

Yamaha Corporation of America or its subsidiaries. Connecting A Usb Storage Device The tyros 4 manual does not necessarily support all commer- simultaneously with musical instruments even when a cially available USB devices. The next highest level—in this case, folder—is shown.

This instrument operation of USB devices that you purchase.