The Turnigy Accucel 6 is an entry level balancing charger and discharger which can handle up to 6 cells and 5A. Manual can be found here;. 23 Apr The Turnigy Accucell 6, sold for approx. it doesn’t come with instructions and it’s operation may be hard for the newbie to immediately grasp. Note: Power supply not included. Operating Manual Included The Turnigy Accucel 6 Balance Charger utilizes quality FET’s and resistors to accurately balance.

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Send a private message to nk3t. Various information during the process You can inquire various information on LCD screen during charging or discharging process. Set up the charge current for manual charge mode, or the current limit for automatic charge mode.

Turnigy ACCUCELL-6 Manuals

Your batteries are expensive. The audible sound indicates you at the end of process. Any charger with the same circuit diagram is most definitely a copy. Find More Posts by SacramentoJoe.


Cheazy, but it works. I’m just glad I found the simple problem.

The screen shows the present situation during charge process. What kind of power supply do you use for this charger? This turnigy accucel 6 manual sets the maximum charge capacity that will be supplied to the battery during charge. The plastic connector is the balance port connector, which hooks into the Turnigy charger. For charge leads, I think he’s talking about the output ports of the charger to the Positve and Negative wires of the battery.


Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 5A Balancer/Charger – RCU Forums

Warning and error messages It incorporates a various functions of protective and monitoring the system to verify functions and the state of acucel electronics. They include one that has a Dean’s Ultra Male.

Thanks for your reply. It turnigy accucel 6 manual be composed of parallel and series connection mixed.

I’m getting all excited about trying out Lipo. I have a lawn and garden battery in my flight box. I can bearly hear my fan. What I do is kind of chincy, but has worked for me for years.

When charging my Fromeco LiIons with the Fromeco charger, I can hear the fan increase in speed and see the lights get brighter when the charger gets connected. The battery pack your looking at does not have a connector. Find More Posts by nk3t. Plus, thousands of turnigy accucel 6 manual the world furnigy have used our chargers with excellent results.

Like you I also aquired it mainly for my new A packs and have “practice” charged and discharged and balanced charged turnigy accucel 6 manual as well. We understand this and thats why we will not carry low-quality charging devices. I just use that but to boost it up, I hook up the car manuao charger to it and set it for 2 amps.


The charger will charge this battery. The bonus is turnigy accucel 6 manual them charging leads that come with it. Xccucel anyone checked the balance of the cells charged by this charger against one of the top model chargers.

To use this charger, you have to hook up to the balance port and the Positve and Negative output ports.

The charter comes with deans connectors turniby the charge leads, so using those on you battery will require no additional adapters. Excellent value so far knock on balsa!

Turnigy ACCUCELL-6 Operating Manual

But it doesn’t have an entry level balancing. I actually bought two. Bundled with turnigy accucel 6 manual Accucel-6 is a bunch of input and output wires which should satisfy any charging requirement.

This shows the number of cells you set up and the processor detects.