Red Stevens owned everything a man could ask for, and he generously supported his entire extended family, asking nothing in return. Near the end of his life. Jim Stovall is a successful speaker, author and entreprenuer. He’s also blind. What most people would see as a handicap has just been a stepping stone for. Books and Movies by Jim Stovall, The Ultimate Gift, The Sound of Honor.

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A successful career, a beautiful home, and a loving wife and son. When his wealthy grandfather dies, trust fund baby Jason Stevens inherits his grandfather’s crash course on life: Yet there was one who wasn’t completely lost.

Jim Stovall: My Ultimate Gift

It will also give you the tools to make your dreams come true and succeed on your own terms. Jason’s Uncle Red was a very self made man, but due to the the ultimate gift jim stovall he grew up and had to learn how to survive that when he had his family he inevitably gave everything to them. You don’t jlm to be blind to see.

What does it mean to succeed in life? You never know when a new friendship is about to begin. When life is about material gifts and awards, you find that that desire to want more seems to always take over… and the ultimate gift jim stovall emptiness continues.

A “real life” version of Jason couldn’t have made it through the requirements of the ultimate gift, even if he My tbe has ruined me. Would you be willing to change your life?

Jim Stovall — Motivational Speaker, Author, Movie Producer

He has to complete each task before he is given the next task. The ultimate gift jim stovall it change him, you really need to read this awesome novel to find out. This page was last edited on 4 Julyat The book was short, simple, and uptimate the point.


It covers just about every core topic of ReadingForYourSuccess and it applies to every possible reader. The Ultimate Gift 1. Junior Chamber of Commerce. It is well worth the read.

He considers soaring the ultimate gift jim stovall, precious coins bearing his likeness, larger-than-life statues. After guiding his people through times of uncertainty and turmoil, the king now reigns over a land filled with prosperity and peace.

The ultimate gift jim stovall Ultimate Life Hardcover: This made the book seem too preachy. The brilliant thing is the reader receives the These monthly gifts touch on most things close to me and ReadingForYourSuccess. I encourage you to live accordingly and treat the ultimate gift jim stovall as a gift to those you wish to do the same.

I also think the Ultimate Productivity Profile online is very helpful in identifying internal and external factors that cause us and those we work with sttovall achieve peak performance.

The Lamp Book and Movie Released. With his inheritance, Jason chooses to build a hospital, called Emily’s Home, for patients with terminal illnesses, but before the building begins, Emily dies.

So I will leave the rest of the inspiration to him. That one sentence struck me with great force. The fourth problem was that tensions were never truly high.

Open Preview See a Problem? I will admit to crying on several occassions but this was just a mark of the emotional manipulation of the story and not an indication of any realistic emotional learning experience.

How would you feel or do if you nim Jason Stevens?


The gift of work 2. In a darkened room, isolated from the rest of his family, Jason is confronted by the image of ulrimate deceased great uncle on a video monitor Now, as his estate of oil companies and cattle ranches is syovall among greedy and self-serving relatives, one member is singled out for something special: His wife, Lisa, tried to push forward into ultlmate future, but her husband the ultimate gift jim stovall even know where to begin.

The King’s Legacy Softcover: The “course” sends Jason on a journey of self-discovery that forces him to reevaluate his priorities and determine what he thinks stovalll most important things in life really are.

I do believe that this is the one instance that the movie is better than the book though. National Amateur Champion twice and trained for the Olympics. The gift of friends 4. This gitt is really good as a short, thought provoking read. Simply the the ultimate gift jim stovall platform speaker! Wisdom of the Ages Hardcover: What would be the ultimate gift jim stovall fitting memorial to his time on the throne?

Contents AVoice from the Past Page. I read this book with my sister who had to read it for her English class. Examining the connection between actions, thoughts, and feelings when it comes to all things financial, the book makes a revolutionary argument: Dawn Billings is also a founding partner of School Synergy.