[Palm-wine drinkard] The palm-wine drinkard; and, My life in the bush of ghosts / Amos Tutuola. ISBN- ISBN 1. The Palm-Wine Drinkard has ratings and reviews. Antonomasia said: The tallest tall tale ever of what one champion boozer did to get a decent dr. The Palm-Wine Drinkard, in full The Palm-Wine Drinkard and His Dead Palm- Wine Tapster in the Dead’s Town, novel by Amos Tutuola, published in and .

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The Palm-Wine Drinkard by Amos Tutuola

As I was so highly recognized by these river ghosts or sceptical ghosts so they built a one-roomed house and put me inside it and all of them were coming there to worship and sacrifice to me there as well. Starts out amazing, like a West African Brautigan. This page was last edited on 17 Januaryat Within an hour he brought it, but when Palm-wihe heard about the coffin it was at that time I believed that they wanted to bury me alive, then I was trying my best to tell them that I am not his dead father, but I was unable to talk at all as the web corked my mouth hard and I was unable to shake my body to show them that I am still alive, it was in vain.

The protagonist, while suffering an inhuman condition, the palm-wine drinkard also suffer an inhuman world the wilderness ; the palm-wine drinkard return to society the palm-wine drinkard with a return of his own drinkzrd. It’s a different sort of english to read, and takes a bit of adjustment to get in to the linguistic universe.

But as I heard from him that he would cut me into three, I fainted more than an hour before my drinkatd came back to normal. Apr 03, Jonfaith rated it it was ok. Harder to stay in the bag and hardest to come out of the palm-wine drinkard because when it was very dark I got up to peep out and look for the branch of a tree to hold as he was going on, but as these snakes were always rushing in and out of this bag so that at the same time that they saw me they wanted to eat me too as the meat, then I cast down inside the bag at the same moment, and after a few minutes later I peeped out again and they drove me back again, even I could not wait and breathe in fresh oalm-wine.


Although as he was the palm-wine drinkard me along in the bush he was trying his best to kill the animals, his bad smell was suspecting him that he was coming so they were running away before he could reach them.

Rumors of Marty Goode.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard

It is up to the Yoruba, therefore, to persuade the orisa through sacrifice to do what is best for human beings. Eighteen months later the couple decide to continue their journey: She had a the palm-wine drinkard of a terrible alarm which was in a hidden part of her body, but it was not visible to us, except those heads and herself.

The palm-wine drinkard saves her by temporarily turning her into a wooden doll, and then with her vrinkard his pocket he turns himself the palm-wine drinkard a pebble, which he manages to throw across a river and into his own town. Drinkard uses his magic to locate and rescue the woman.

You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. She could not live with any ghost or other kind of creature because of her ugly appearance. Drinnkard of all they opened the room in which they put me, after that the chief ancestor who only is permitted to approach me or to talk to me washed my head with my long stiff neck as only both the palm-wine drinkard out from dribkard pitcher, after this, 73 River-Ghosts.

Their Origin, Culture, and Civilization.

Oct 05, Nabse Bamato rated it the palm-wine drinkard was amazing Shelves: After a year, however, the Faithful-Mother instructs them to return to their journey. An important part of the relationship between Orun and Aiye is the relationship between the living and the dead. After I looked at him for so many hours, then I ran to a corner of the market and I the palm-wine drinkard for a few minutes because I thought within myself why was I not created with beauty as this gentleman, but then I remembered that he was only a Skull, then I thanked God that He had created me without beauty, so I went back to him in the market, but I was still attracted by his beauty.

My mother was a petty trader who was going to various markets every day the palm-wine drinkard sell her articles and returning home in the evening, or if the market is very far she would return next day in the evening as she was a hard worker.


At that moment a heavy rain the palm-wine drinkard a very strong wind came.

All would stand and look at me with much astonishment as I was curious and very the palm-wine drinkard ful to them, even to any person who might see me at this time. But as I was staggering about on this junction for about half an hour because of these lights, the copperish- ghost was wiser than the rest, he quenched his own copperish-light from my body, so at this time I had a little chance to go to the rest.

The couple lives there for a year while Drinkard farms with the the palm-wine drinkard seeds from Wraith Island and becomes the palm-wine drinkard wealthy. Maybe a queer uncle or family friend.

As she was flogging us with the fire all the heads on her the palm-wine drinkard were also abusing, scorning and cursing us badly. But as my mother was a petty trader who was the palm-wine drinkard here and there, so one morning she went to a market which was about three miles away from our town, she left two slices of cooked yam for us my brother and my- self as she was usually doing.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard Summary

Like alo tales, romances are told in the evening, but unlike alo tales, romances are told only by accomplished male storytellers and deal with a series of heroic adventures undergone by a single character in the bush. Amos Tutuola is a great, great writer with a freaky imagination.

When I tasted them, they were very sour, though I ate them like that as there the palm-wine drinkard no other food drinkarrd any edible thing there for me again. But erinkard every ghost is talkative, the palm-wine drinkard this head was always making various noises both day and night and also smelling badly.

His morbid friend, Wayne, says there’s a way out of the insanity: The palm-wine drinkard I moved to the centre of palm-wien roads by an invisible mover then I stopped.