Tascam Porta One Ministudio, Home & Studio Recording, Dec (+/%) and the manual very honestly points out that a tape recorded at one speed and. 9 Mar I’ve got a Porta One unit floating around here, no power adapter, user manual for a discontinued tape machine directly from TASCAM (it was. 29 Apr TASCAM PORTA ONE MANUAL DOWNLOAD – This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Tascam. To purchase Ministudio Porta One.

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Set channel tascam porta one manual to about 7 – check. Inevitably, the slight breathing as the noise faded up and down with the volume of the bass was audible, but not obtrusive, and is certainly preferable to the constant hiss of unprocessed material. In Use Let’s start by plugging our drum machine or whatever into channel one and connecting the left and right line outputs to the domestic hi-fi stereo Aux input. In this respect, the dbx noise reduction is a hindrance as maual many pre-recorded cassettes are compatible with this system and so the more common Dolby B tapes cannot be oje.

Anyone ever seen a clean download of a porta one user manual? You can send us a note about this article, or let us know of a problem – select the type from the menu above. All plastic parts are thick and rugged, tascam porta one manual and solid. Gear in this article: To maintain this standard of performance, it is necessary to use fairly new tapes and to keep the tape path clean and demagnetised.

Tascam porta one manual Porta One performed reassuringly well, regardless of what we threw at it and the dbx handled most types of programme material without unpleasant side effects.

Also included in the package is a built-in four channel mixer which is used to set the level and EQ of whatever signal is being recorded, to bounce tracks, and tascaam to blend all four tracks together to create the stereo mix that will be recorded on your master reel-to-reel or cassette machine. Meters one and two also monitor the left and right output levels during mixdown and the left and right bus signals during record.

Tascam Ministudio Porta One – Manual – Multi Track Cassette Recorder – HiFi Engine

So much then for the majual but how well does it work? Or I just thought of this. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. This causes the machine tascam porta one manual enter the record mode and pressing the switch a second time exits record without stopping the tape. I found that the operating system was reasonably flexible and easy to use but I did find that the lack of anywhere to plug in external effects was limiting.


But wait a minute I hear you say, what about my tasteful quiet bits, does tsacam mean that I have tascam porta one manual give up writing ballads and take tascam porta one manual Motorhead numbers? Also featuring gear in this article. I like watching the uv meters. Please, do not make a copy of the downloaded manual and do not offer to sell it, just use personally tascam porta one manual repair defective appliance!

Unlike Sony, Tascam don’t seem to make their manuals readily available and I feel that without a manual, I’m not going to get too far since I can’t enter into diagnostic mode without knowing what sequence of buttons to press as with Sony units. Next came the tubular bells, courtesy of the Editor’s Yamaha DX7, and these remained bright, a good test of any noise reduction system. So, the moral here is to choose good tape, keep the tape heads clean, and to look after the tape.

My digital drums came through unscathed apart from a little tape compression and tascam porta one manual is inevitable when using cassettes. Maunal quick check without dbx gave predictably hissy results but the sound quality was otherwise very similar. The tape surface is not as smooth as it looks but is, in fact, made up of tiny rod-like oxide particles which are magnetised by the record head.

Above the faders are the left and right bus switches which again tascam porta one manual non-illuminated fluorescent status indicators. Turn off email alerts.

Item Location tascam porta one manual all Item Location. The fluorescent status markers were difficult to see and could have been larger. Previous article in this issue: A selection of microphones from about ohms impedance upwards all worked satisfactorily as did line level inputs, but high levels of gain and trim setting were required with manula impedance mics.

All the things AA said above are basically true. Play the tape and adjust the levels for the desired balance, monitoring the level on porha two the right bus meter.

Instead, contact the nearest service center! Poeta is simply maual matter of setting all the tracks to ‘safe’, setting all the input selectors to ‘tape’, and using the level and pan controls to achieve the desired balance. I’m in need of a Tascam minidisc MDR manuql manual.


Primarily intended for home multitrack recording, the tascam porta one manual of the new machine has been kept down by sacrificing the ability to record on all four tracks simultaneously, thus saving the expense of two extra sets of record electronics. Despite all these warnings, dbx does work very well if you follow the rules about tape care and cleaning, and furthermore, the fact that it is applied to individual tracks rather than to the complete mix tends to mask tascam porta one manual shortcomings.

Slide the left bus selector to the channel one position and the red light will begin to flash, warning you that one push on the record button will do something irrevocable.

Dbx relies on the fact that when a tape contains loud music, it conceals the noise, but when there is tascam porta one manual quiet music, the noise can be heard. InTascam launched the Portastudio which could record four tracks simultaneously, and by using a combination of noise reduction and twice the usual cassette tape running speed, demos of exceptionally high quality could be produced.

Tascam Ministudio Porta One

I went tascam porta one manual the support section of their website and they have some phone numbers and email contact info.

One slightly confusing thing about the two bus system is that when you are recording on channel four, the meter reading comes up on the channel two meter which is monitoring the right bus. That all sounds fairly straightforward and indeed it is, but at some stage you’ll play a tascam porta one manual note and want to punch in a short passage to rectify matters.

This can oe to a certain lack tascam porta one manual brightness on percussive sounds but is generally not too serious as many commercial recordings are heavily compressed anyway.

The last tascam porta one manual control on the input channels is the pan, and all pots have recessed rubber knobs that can be easily turned with the finger tip and yet would be difficult to disturb accidentally. Kinda cool, like the fashioned meter levels. Anyone know of a place i could view the power specifications of the Porta One, or know what the stock power adapter throws manuaal, and what the unit can handle max?

Next article in this issue Using Microphones.