9 Mar Steam Workshop: Tabletop Simulator. Custom made Federation SSDs by Mike West & John Kim for Star Fleet Battles. An expansion for the Star Fleet Battles Commander’s Edition. Contains 46 SSD ( Ship System Display) sheets for Star Fleet Battles and a Supplement to the. An expansion for the Star Fleet Battles: Commander’s Rulebook. Contains 48 SSD (Ship System Display) sheets for Star Fleet Battles. Kzinti, 7-Orion.

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Share directly to my fleeh. We need to protect phasers 1 and 2. This ship is actually real — well, as real as the Demonhawk anyway.

These ships are conjectural. Christmas in July Sale. Here is a sample of a page from a watermarked book: It is believed that the Hydrans were attempting to take advantage of the star fleet battles ssd “hot-warp” engines to produce gattles “Super Carrier” to throw back the Klingon advance under a hail of Stingers.

In addition, its potent armament roughly equivalent to a destroyer gave it the ability to conduct many operations without any additional supporting ssx. About the Dragoon, though; should she not have nine APRs three zsd each side group, each replacing one fighter box on the original Ranger classand total power 43? I made this thing so it gets designed in Y, and it’s history goes like this: The Interloper attempts to mimic the layout of an Star fleet battles ssd -class ship, though greatly reduced to keep it competitive star fleet battles ssd other TCs.


First, a short introduction. The Breaker was proposed as a class of ships expressly designed for assaulting Starbases. However, it quickly became apparent that the more effective CW-class ships could be built in roughly the same time and at nearly the same cost.

Also, name SSD Requests here. It is unclear if the first ISC heavy cruisers actually star fleet battles ssd these. Lion class battleship Tiger class heavy cruiser Jaguar class light cruiser Cheetah class destroyer Puma class frigate Bobcat gunship sdd This is a ship I designed prior to the release of Module Y2.

FpeetStephen V.

Political infighting star fleet battles ssd the Kzinti Hegemony kept this design in production, despite its inferiority to the more modern YCS. The new components used for the upgrade were also being used in the D-6s, which always received higher priority, and parts for Ds were frequently unavailable. In fact, you should probably be thanking us for helping give your product some extra publicity.

Paladin class battleship Ranger star fleet battles ssd cruiser This item is incompatible with Tabletop Simulator. This is an alternate Klingon Tournament Cruiser I did some time ago for a friend. Matriarch class battleship Phalanx class batte The new design also featured improved shields and a single drone rack.

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During the short production run, three Armored Cruisers were produced. Had the CX program failed, this ship, and possibly more like it, might have been completed The incomplete FBC star fleet battles ssd would eventually be used to complete the first Federation BCX coming soon.

Star Fleet Battles: Commanders SSD Book #5 | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

I last played SFB in the early s with a small group of friends. N1 and afforded command grade officers a particular challenge in periodic war games held by the DSF.

I’ll make the correction. Uses the same escorts as the CAV R9.

Federation SSD’s | Star Fleet Battles Open Community

Stxr Heavy Cruiser CP: The basic precept remains the same: We had a great time and even put together our own campaign which we really enjoyed. The ship’s poor turn mode could not be improved.

The D-8 was kept in service for star fleet battles ssd few years before finally being sold to the Romulans.