23 Mar 16 Somvar Vrat (Monday Fast) Rules, katha and Benefits. Monday is considered very auspicious for the worship of Lord Shiva. Devotees throng. 23 Jul Many Lord Shiva devotees also observe the holy Solah Somvar Vrat or fast on sixteen Mondays starting from first Somwar of Sawan month. SOLAH SOMVAR VRAT KATHA for morning. ENGLISH VERSION for Sixteen Weeks Monday Fast: Once Lord Shiva visited the famous city of Amravati. Parvati .

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Once Lord Shiva visited the famous city solah somvar vrat katha Amravati. To hear his story one fairy asked him to perform Solah Somvar Vrat continuously and tell her the rule of the fast.

To know more about Sawan Somvar fast, please visit – Sawan Somvar Vrat People who is facing obstacles in married life or facing delays in marriage can observe Monday fast.

16 Monday (Somvar) Vrat Rules

Healthy Snacks in Office. After 11 years, the moneylender thought to send his child to the home of maternal uncle in Kashi for completion of education. Ideal, you can install Shivaling in your shrine place. After some time a few fairies descended on the earth and pitied the fate of the priest.

Once Lord Shiva and Parvati again visited that temple. The king requested the queen to accompany him to the temple for breaking the fast after taking prasaad from the priest. Blog by Sathya Narayanan. After that Moon started take the fast of Solah Somvar and finally he was free from the curse of Daksha. June will be worst for three zodiac signs but its not the end of the world. But that boy had to go with maternal uncle for completion of education so he went to Kashi. He called for his courtiers and ordered them to solah somvar vrat katha out the queen.


Ever since then solah somvar vrat katha girls started keeping this fast and asking Lord Shiva to bless them with a life partner like himself.

Kartikeya said, I shall observe Monday fasts for sixteen weeks for happy reunion with my friend.

16 Somvar Vrat (Monday Fast) Rules, katha and Benefits

After the puja, you need to keep fasting for the whole day. Please enter your comment! Clean the altar, light the lamp with gingelly oil.

Full Moon in Sagittarius brings a massive shift, good news for every Zodiac Sign. Wake up very early on the day of Vrat Monday and complete your morning ablutions.

Solah (16) Somvar Vrat Katha

What is the mystery? Are you surrounded by negative energy??

So solah somvar vrat katha ordered the queen to leave the palace, she left out bare foot and solah somvar vrat katha worn-out clothes. Once upon a time a money lender and his wife lived a highly pious and devoted life. The queen refused to go with him. The courtiers reached the temple where the queen was residing. Stories you may want to read. Fasting on Mondays is also beneficial for accomplishing the wish of getting a desired partner. The priest understood the whole thing.

He had wealth and material comforts. The queen gets a large welcome party.

Please reveal it to me. Learn More Maha Shivaratri, the night of the worship of Shiva, occurs on the 14th solah somvar vrat katha of the solah somvar vrat katha moon When they died both enters Shivpuri, the home of the Lord Shiva.


You might also like: The ruler of the city decided to marry his daughter to a person on whose neck his well-decorated elephant would put the garland. Decorate the idol or picture with chandan and flowers. Lord Shiva Gif Images.

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Meanwhile, the priest of the temple had come there. Lord Shiva certainly accomplishes all wishes of his solah somvar vrat katha. The priest called for the woman. One day when maternal uncle was arranging a sacred ceremony for yagya, pooja and for giving donation to Brahmin, that boy felt ill.

But devotees usually begin the fasting in Shravan or Kartik month. She cursed her solah somvar vrat katha and put a few drops of the muddy water in her mouth. Lord Shiva HD Wallpapers. You might have seen that devotees visit Shiv mandirs on Monday. To hear the glory of the Solah Somvar Vrat she felt very happy and also perform the fast.

When the bride’s family discovered this, they requested the boy to be the groom. Then she saw a water tank but when she touch the water all water turned muddy then she drink that muddy water.

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