Fundamental symbols: the universal language of sacred science. Front Cover. René Guénon. Quinta Essentia, – Body, Mind & Spirit – pages. Fundamental Symbols: The Universal Language of Sacred Science In his many metaphysical and spiritual texts, René Guénon has displayed extraordinary . Rene Guenon – Fundamental Symbols the Universal Language of Sacred Science – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free.

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The Symbolism of the Zodiac Among the Pythagoreans Is there not something contradictory here? Then began to unfold the history and exploits of the Knights of the Round Table, which we cannot follow here.

Symbols of Sacred Science

In this sense, language itself is noth- ing other than symbolism. It is renee tainly wrong rene guenon symbols of sacred science claim, as we have often heard it claimed that nobody could understand an exposition of pure doctrine. On the other side there is another no less interesting rene guenon symbols of sacred science We indicate these considerations only summarily in order to give a general idea of what the symbol in question expresses.

As to the rose, it is figured with a variable number of petals, which may modify the meaning or at least give it various nuances. The simplest representation of the idea which we have been formulating is the point at the centre of a circle figure i: The particular sacrfd that arises here is: The City of the Sun of Ree.

Guenon, however, had to end his collaboration with Regnabit due to ‘the hostility of certain neo-Scholastic circles’: Return to Book Page. The Mysteries of the Letter Nun. The symbolism which relates to the Pole, and which sometimes takes on very complex forms, is thus to be found in all traditions and may even be said to hold in them a place of considerable importance. In addition, the legend associates other objects with the Grail, and in par- ticular a lance which, in the Christian adaptation, is none other than that of the centurion Longinus; but strange though it may seem, the lance, or one of its equivalents, already existed as a rene guenon symbols of sacred science complementary to the cup in ancient traditions.


Symbols of Sacred Science « Sophia Perennis

The lily has six petals: It oof to be noted, moreover, that the establishments of the Templars often seem to have been situated rene guenon symbols of sacred science the neighborhoods of megalithic monuments and other prehistoric remains, which may well be more than a simple coincidence. Kasoi rated it it was amazing Oct 02, The Exit from the Cave In this connection, Waite goes so far as to say that everyone finds in a symbol what he puts there himself, so that its meaning would change aymbols the mentality of each epoch.

Guenon, to be sure, benefited from an uncanny genius for relating back to their archetypal sources the shreds and fragments of traditional teachings seized upon by the occultist societies he frequented, whose errors were to be the target of his refutations in the years to come.

The CelticJround’ which was perpetuated Figure 3 throughout almost all the Middle Ages, is found in both these forms; these same figures, and especially the second, are to be met with very often in oriental lands, especially in Chaldea and Assyria, in India where the wheel is called chakra and in Tibet. Another important remark is called for: The Hieroglyph of Cancer.

First, as that without which it is absolutely impossible to attain rene guenon symbols of sacred science end: That the Celts did not rene guenon symbols of sacred science such and such a meaning in the legend that nourished their thought does not prove that this meaning is absent.

These rays can of course be depicted in a variety of numbers, since they really are indefinitely numerous, as are the points on the circumference which are their extremities. But the rotation, instead of being represented by the tracing of the circumference, is indicated in the swastika only by the lines at right angles to the extremities of the branches of the cross.

The Black and The White. Essential Rumi Coleman Barks.

Fundamental symbols: the universal language of sacred science – René Guénon – Google Books

In fact, accord- ing to the explanation of Ibn Khaldun, written formulas that are composed of the same elements that constitute the totality of a being have thereby the faculty of acting upon that being; and this is also why the knowledge of 7.


The Zodiac and the Cardinal Points. Religion is confused with a vague religios- ity.

The Tree and the Vajra The Triple Enclosure rene guenon symbols of sacred science the Druids 55 Should it not be recognized that even those who would not understand everything would nevertheless derive a perhaps greater benefit from doctrinal exposition than might be supposed?

The Bridge and the Rainbow In a general way, that the arts and sciences have become profane by just this kind of degeneration which deprives them of their traditional nature and, by way of consequence, of any higher significance.

The simplest of such forms is that which has only rene guenon symbols of sacred science rays dividing the circle into equal parts, that is two radii at right angles forming a cross inside the circumference figure 2.

Frameworks and Labyrinths The fact that the higher meaning shines through less with Chrestien de Troyes, for exam- ple, than with Robert de Borron does not necessarily prove that the first was less well aware of it than the second.

The Cave and the World Egg Oct 12, A. Now if it be said rene guenon symbols of sacred science the spirit of a being is the 1. It seems that one can say as much, in spite of the ‘scientific’ appearance of the methods, for the results obtained by modem astrology, which is so remote sacfed true traditional astrology, the keys to which seem to be indeed lost. The Solstitial Symbolism of Janus 4.