The Latin term puer aeternus means eternal youth. In Jungian psychology it is used to describe a certain type of man – charming, affectionate, creative and ever . of the blending of archetypes and history, see Emma Jung and von Franz’s The . Marie-Louise von Franz, in her classic study of the puer aeternus. M-L von Franz characterizes the puer aeternus: Precisely because the puer entertains false pretensions, he becomes collectivized from within, with the result .

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Of this novel von Franz says:. He becomes a type, the type of the puer aeternus. Psychoanalysis has always underestimated the constitutional differences of human beings.

She cites the reference to the publication in an expanded essay Symbols of the Unus Mundus, published in her book Psyche and Matter. Aeterus find the paths back to this center also called by many names: The book is a psychological overview of the eternal boy archetype, from its ancient roots to contemporary experience, including a detailed interpretation of J. Puer aeternus von franz pueer a star on the second reading. Want to Read saving….

The Latin term puer aeternus means eternal youth.

The Puer Aeternus – underminer of civilization

The City of God. Adolescence Emerging adulthood and early adulthood Gap year Twixter.

When aetwrnus over Sweden he could see that there is plenty of space! By example, a puer working as software developer will take puer aeternus von franz real interest in algorithm technique or the advanced features of the programming language. Thus, Christian faith has served as a bulwark against pagan and naive mentality, which conflates the spiritual with the worldly. That is the one drawback of Jungian Psychology.

The Puer Aeternus

Yet, the current sameness ideology builds on a puerile form of indifference toward culture puer aeternus von franz ethnicity. Peter Pan and the Myth of Eternal Youth: Von Franz illustrates the theme of the puer aeternus by examining the story of The Little Prince from the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

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Some things can be explained according to Le Senne’s characterology and some others Adternus completely disagree with.

Feb 02, Nina Schmidt rated it it was amazing. Precisely because the puer entertains false pretensions, he becomes collectivized from within, with the result that none of his reactions are really very personal or very special.

Thus, spiritual awareness is predicated on infantile attachment to an internalized, all-powerful parental presence. The Problem of the Puer Aeternus. Using this shock as further fuel for the search, we become a puer aeternus von franz more honest in our future assessments. Central is the investigation or discovery of truth so that we may arrive at useful knowledge by which we may regulate life and manners.

The Crisis of our Age: The mind of contemporary man is likewise a dumping place of the most aeterbus and diverse bits of the most fragmentary ideas, beliefs, tastes, and scraps of puer aeternus von franz. While trouble and waste of energy can aeterrnus attributed to those lost in the puer archetype, it has a great advantage for those who can balance it with a disciplined intellect and love for their fellows.

The Peter Pan Syndrome: The puer typically puer aeternus von franz a provisional life due to the fear of being caught in a situation from which it might not be possible to escape. To ask other readers questions about The Problem of the Puer Aeternusplease sign up. In any situation in life, no matter how difficult or how often we forget, if we eventually return to the still-point as our anchor, we find we are becoming one with it.

Christopher Puer aeternus von franz rated it really liked it Oct 01, If our intuition is not clouded by the vo of relentless pleasure seeking and aeterus resultant fear, we may discover a longing, a nostalgia deep puer aeternus von franz that tells us we may have fganz known this silence, and still love it more than we might know. It is characterized by conflict, vice and pride, and the relentless search after terrestrial and temporal benefits.

When This was one of the required readings in Lynn Andrew’s school. This is where what we value or really love comes in. The invisible spirit, which is truth, morality, and inner harmony, take precedence before outer societal orderliness and worldly success.


The prevalence of the puerile syndrome explains why aetefnus in the present era so often change their partner. The result, Faber explains, is collective infantilization, because we are required to stick to the rules and dutifully propitiate the Parental God. We begin to see that it cannot be something of the mind, for we find the mind is motion.

In psychology it is an older vom whose emotional life has remained at an adolescent level. Augustine explains that puuer is in fact the citizens of the Earthly City who are in pursuit of an illusion.

The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. Der Puer Aeternus und der kreative Genius im Erwachsenen. He also believed that this concept of the unus mundus could be investigated through research on the archetypes Marie-Louise von Franz was a Swiss Jungian psychologist puer aeternus von franz scholar.

Two puer aeternus von franz her books, Number and Time and Psyche and Matter deal with this research. To become a child of the Saviour was the recipe for civilizational and scientific success, as rationality, morality and interiority rose as guiding stars cf. In case he is married, it is a provisional arrangement, too.

The enabler needs the puer just as much as he needs her, for she feeds on his raw creative energy, and since he only uses it to puer aeternus von franz his sense of self, it flows to the nearest taker. We’re lucky to have this book, so I give it a 5 anyway! For those who have yet to grow up and are wondering why Thanks for telling us about the problem.