9 Jan What are Hills prescriptions for writing well? Ans: L.A. Hill prescribes that to write well one should write clearly and logically. For this s/he should. 25 Dec A: This context is from the lesson, “Principles of Good Writing”, written by In this lesson, Hill pointed out the rules and regulations that. EMPHASIS A piece of writing may be unified and coherent and still not be effective if it does not observe the principle of EMPHASIS. When this principle is.

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Hill suggest can be used as a topic of writing? Good writing depends more upon hard labour and less upon inspiration. Hill further suggests that one should be alive to all the happenings and pay heed to it. The reader should prjnciples satisfied with the conclusion. The writer trying to write well must not try to tell the reader the obvious things.

In our writing, we must try to convey the feeling that we ourselves are deeply interested in the subject, and our own interest will driting the reader as it principles of good writing by l.a.hill. A principles of good writing by l.a.hill should thus select subjects that are of present interest and that are interesting to the kind of readers that he aims at.

They are full of examples of human joy and tragedy. Lesile Alexander Hill, a renowned personality among essayist, was born in the year in Greece and was educated at Cambridge university. Depending on the form and tone of your work, vocabulary should be either formal or slang.

Principles of Good Writing by L.A. Hill

Hill says if we keep our eyes and ears open, we will find plenty of things to write about around us. The main body of writing should deal with the ideas presented in the opening paragraph. A writer must follow the same style consistently. Next to give expression to thought apt vocabulary is required.


Main page Principles of Good Writing by L. So apt words, correct sentence structure, and good theme, will together constitute a principles of good writing by l.a.hill writing. Later we may think and find out a better expression otherwise our flow of thoughts may be interrupted. We can replace words and expressions that we find weak or vague with better ones.

Posted by quayyum md principles of good writing by l.a.hill The writer also feels that love of mankind is an essential trait to see other state of minds, feel it intensely, and write it effectively. How to find subject matters to write on? The lucidity of thought and expression, neat structure with logical development of idea, apt examples and simple vocabulary of the essay, make it a remarkable piece of work.

To develop it we should practice thinking about a subject and follow it step by step. Clear and plain English in the fashion of the day. Waiting for an inspiration will prove a hinderance towards your goal, so avoid it. This unit on L.

Principles of Good Writing by L. A. Hill | Advanced Modular Guidance

In the opening passage, he clearly says that good writing demands good and ogical thinking. Principles of good writing by l.a.hill explains graphically the qualities of good writing in the present essay. Posted by Pavan Surya at 9: If we cannot do this, we cannot arouse, expect the interest l.a.uill well as sympathy from l.q.hill readers. One can learn writing by writing only.

Using elaborate, decorative style, now-a-days has become out of date. We should read our newspapers, books and magazines carefully, and note down the striking things and ideas that we come across.


It is always better to write in a simple language and conversational style. We must be interested in what we are writing. While as a matter of fact different kinds of people hand different interests, and it will be difficult for one to appeal to all of them.

Principles of Good Writing by L.A. Hill questions and answers

We have to learn to write interestingly. How about receiving a customized one?

If we want pribciples write well we must think clearly and logically. Moreover, we must remember that subjects that concern us at present interest us more.

The subjects that we choose must be ones that we know very well.

AMG Interview Guidance for Combined Upper Primary, English IX-X & XI-XII

His freedom is limited so because he cannot fly to Mars; that is impossible, and he must not kill his neighbour, as that is illegal. We must not mix up the formal and the slang expressions in the same piece of writing.

And, to be a good writer the readers must be kept in mind their interest and taste should be borre in mind always. It means one should call a spade a principles of good writing by l.a.hill and should avoid euphemisms.

If we cannot do this, we should train ourselves to do it by taking particular problems and then try to find the solution for it. If we following these princiles we can be master in writing. He l.a.hilll think only of the readers.