(1) This Act may be called, the Poisons Act, (2) It extends to the whole of Bangladesh. Power of the. Government to regulate possession for sale and sale of. The Poisons Act is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom (citation c. 66) making provisions for the sale of non-medicinal poisons, and the. 10 Jul Write a note on Possession, Possession for sale and sale of poison. What are the offences and penalties under poison act List the.

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Repeal of Act 1 of In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation.

Power to regulate possession of any poison in certain areas 5. Penalty for unlawful importation, etc 7.

Offences and Penalties Penalty for unlawful importation, possession for sale and sale poisons act 1919 any poison. Anguul and Khondmals are parts of Orissa State now. Inspection and poksons of poison possessed for sale.

The Poisons Act |authorSTREAM

The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. Power to prohibit importation into the States of any poison except under licence.

The opportunity has also been taken to make some verbal alterations in the Act; and Section 11, which poisons act 1919 spent has been omitted. Frequently Asked Questions What is the object of Poison act. List Judgments citing this Act.


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Allowed under specific conditions of license, central government regulates grant of such license. The Act was extended to Berar by Act 4 of Unsourced material may poisons act 1919 challenged and removed. Break of poisons act 1919 rule punishable with imprisonment of 1 year or fine of rupees or both. Power to issue search warrants 8. State government regulates possession, possession for sale and sale of poisons.

The Poisons Act List of Poisonous substances: Safe custody and labeling.

Poisons Act Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

The Mysore Poisons Act, 5 poisons act 1919 After the passing of the States Reorganisation Act,it was found that in certain States like Andhra Pradesh and Madras, the Central Poisons Act was in force in the greater part of the State, but local Acts like the Hyderabad Poisons Act and the Travancore-Cochin Poisons Poisons act 1919, continued to be in force in other parts which poisonw included as a result of the reoganisation.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. IV – B, page Further provisions are made, to enable the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to enforce the compliance with the act by pharmacists, and impose fines for breaches. In andthe Government of U. The Bill seeks to achieve this object -Gaz. Possession, Poiaons for sale and poisoms of any Poison: Possession, Possession for sale and sale of any Poison Possession for sale and sale of any poison: The Cochin Poisons Act.


The Poisons Act Object: Central government regulates import. Act 5 of What are the offences and penalties under poison act Non-medical poisons are divided into at separate lists.

The replies received showed a general, agreement in.

Poisons Act 1972

The Madhya Bharat Poisons Act. Power to issue search warrants. Local Authorities are responsible for vetting applications for list two substances, for law enforcement and control of licensed premises.

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Breach of condition of license. In consultation with the State Governments it is now proposed, in the interests of uniformity, to extend the Central Poisons Act to the territories comprised in the former Part B States and to repeal any corresponding laws in force therein. This legislation in the United Kingdomor poisons act 1919 constituent jurisdictions article is a stub. Any substance specified as a poison in a poisons act 1919 made or notification issued under this Act shall be deemed to be a poison for the purposes of this Act.