23 Apr Physical Geography by S. Singh has many further sub-branches of Physical Geography included in it. All of the branches of Physical. Title, Physical Geography. Author, Savindra Singh. Publisher, Prayag Pustak Bhavan, ISBN, , Length, pages. Physical Geography. Front Cover. Savindra Singh. Prayag Pustuk Bhagwan, Title, Physical Geography. Author, Savindra Singh. Publisher, Prayag.

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Physical Geography – Savindra Singh – Google Books

Then look at least 10 years Geo Optional questions,If u r able to solve them,then I dn’t think we need this books breakup like diff for Geomorphology,climatology Woodpecker Please help me also I have also asked a question sir. I did the chapter on soils from here.

Thats better than k sid.

physifal Any good book on Indian geography, short and crispOther than the khullar. I too have similar doubt as Priyatam but with MH: How to prepare for it?

Our dream is to make its members achieve their IAS dream. Few topics only to be covered from Rupa. Please guys, Help, your’s past experiences with this subject can give a more physical geography by savinder singh picture on which books to follow for the physical part of paper 1. Dear forum members with geography optional and the respected seniors those who have written mains with geography as an optional at least once, please suggest me the books to choose for preparing paper 1 of geography optional physical part.


Hi friends, While searching Savindra Physical geography by savinder singh Physical Geography online, two publications are showing. I have started with the below booklist. Paper 2 – Khullar Is it sufficient or do I have to look for other books by savinder singh etc.? Physical geography by savinder singh.

September edited September Click the following link to access these free preparation initiatives in Portal. And if u r are not satisfied with answers,then we cn go for different physical geography by savinder singh to study only relevant and important topics. DS lal for certain topics though if you have not read earlier than Savinder singh would suffice oceanography savinder singh you can go through strahler and cheng only for diagram, though not necessary.

Just read physical geography book.

Like, Geomorphology by savinder singh Climatology by pjysical singh Oceanography by savinder singh Biogeography by savinder singh I mean apart from one book on physical geography which I have presently, should I buy these separate books by savinder singh?

Any fool with a bit of luck can find himself born into power.

There you can find other topics that is not covered by Singh and you can complete the whole physical geography by savinder singh in sainder number of days. Siddhartha useful in anyway for geo optional? Just dont spread the word ; Sign in or join with Facebook or Google.

But, the basic book must be the Physical Geography. Feel free to join, start a discussion, answer a question or just to say Thank you. Etat Sir you are a respected moderator on physical geography by savinder singh forum atleast you can request other senior gy of geography to provide their strategy.


I am little bit confused. There’s also one book by Majid Hussain on Maps.

Confusion over books by Savinder Singh for Geography optional

Optional groups are almost exclusive. Just the Physical Geography would do. Go and buy Pravalika publication. Is “Geography through maps” by K. Are these books needed? ForumIAS provides the right approach physical geography by savinder singh excel in this exam through their toppers who have shared their success mantras and their study materials in an elaborate manner. Plus you can also refer a few topics from Rupa made simple like soils etc.

I have one question too. It doesn’t work that way. My optional is not geography, plus I suck at it even in GS. Presently I have physical geography by savinder singh one book for physical part. They also represent India in international organizations. Or other books are required?