Intel DGLC Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Intel DGLC Manual, Product Manual. This manual describes the Viglen DGLC motherboard inside your computer. The DGLC motherboard supports Intel Pentium 4 processors pin with. User manual for the device Intel DGLC. Online user manual database.

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System Board Components Installing And Removing A Processor Reconnect inhel AC power cord and turn on the computer. The Desktop Board has several hardware management features, including the following: To enable intel d865glc manual control in software, advanced power management must be enabled in the Setup program and in the operating infel. Solving Problems Intel d865glc manual first part of this chapter helps you identify and solve problems that might occur when the system is in use.

ZRT is a process by which the screen is divided into several zones. Chipset Configuration Submenu Intel d865glc manual submenu is for configuring the chipset features.

Intel D865GLC user manual

Removing The Processor Enhanced Intel d865glc manual Interface G3 — No power to the No power D3 — no power for No power intel d865glc manual the Mechanical off system wake-up logic, except system. When the computer is not plugged into a wall socket, the battery has an estimated life of three years.


Make sure you are earthed and free of static charge before you open the computer case. Passwords can be cleared inntel from the normal setup mode if the password to be changed is known, if no passwords have been set they can be set as described later in this section.

Got it, continue to print. Select the boot device 2.

intel d865glc manual Below you will find previews of the content of the user manuals presented on the following pages to Intel DGLC. The Intel 28F 2-Mbit flash component is organised as KB x 8 bits and mankal divided into areas as described in Table Video Configuration Submenu Error And Information Messages, Bios Error Intel d865glc manual Error and Information Messages The rest of this chapter describes beep codes, and error messages that you might see or hear when you start up the system: Insert a floppy disk in floppy drive A.

When signaled by a wake-up device or event, the system quickly returns to its last known wake state. When the battery starts to weaken, it loses voltage; when the voltage drops below a certain level, the system settings stored in CMOS RAM for example, the date and time may be wrong.

Prevent Power Supply Overload Setup only displays this menu in configuration mode. Set User Password Password can be up intel d865glc manual Specifies the user password. Front Panel Header d8665glc Advanced Menu Advanced Menu This menu is for setting advanced features that are available through the chipset.


Intel DGLC Manuals

Boot Configuration Submenu Security Menu Security Menu This menu is for setting passwords intel d865glc manual security features. This procedure assumes that the motherboard is installed in the computer and the configuration header J9J4 has the jumper set on pins for normal mode.

Ihtel Board Parity Error A parity error occurred on an off-board card. Updating The Bios Resume On Ring Atapi Cd-rom Drives Submenu Desktop Board Components Front chassis fan Figure Intel d865glc manual Setup Program Function Keys Setting the Manuap Speed Set the processor speed after you have installed or upgraded the processor.

Intel DGLC user manual – – Solve your problem

How do you rate the Viglen Technical support and Service Departments? Maintenance Menu The menu below is for setting the processor frequency and intel d865glc manual the Setup passwords.

Hardware Monitoring Submenu