4 Sep ‘Handa-Bhonda’ creator Narayan Debnath gets Sahitya Akademi Award: A look at the life and works of the comics writer – The Executive Board. Discover ideas about Indian Comics. Handa Handa Bhonda (Bengali Series) vol. Tantri the Mantri (Tinkle) #character #tinkle #comics #magazine #kids. Druuna – Morbus Gravis 1. uploaded by. uploader avatar Krekoukias Dimitris · ( eBook Comic Erotic) Tch t Conv Hell. uploaded by. uploader avatar Marcella Bri.

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In the end however, in most of the stories Handa gets punished due to his follies.

BENGALI PDF COMICS: নারায়ণ দেবনাথ সমগ্র Narayan Debnath samagra

Handa-Bhonda became an instant success and continues to be printed in Shuktara every month as of September I enjoyed your creations as well as the whole post a lot Arnab Chakraborty 25 January at He has a great appetite and sometimes has handa bhonda comics whale for his breakfast.

Posted by Manash Kundu at For the Bengali-language film, see Handa and Bhonda. You can help Wikipedia by conics it. Handa Bhonda has gained popularity and is still read by thousands of readers and lovers of comics. The adage holds true for comic strip creator Narayan Debnath whose comic characters handa bhonda comics captured the imagination of generations for decades together.

Handa bhonda comics the age of 88, Debnath continues to light up the lives of young and old alike with his adorable characters.

His first handa bhonda comics came in when he joined Dev Sahitya Kuthir, a renowned publishing house. Handa-Bhonda was initially penciled and inked by Debnath and had no colored frames. His family hailed from Bikrampur in what is now Bangladesh but had migrated handa bhonda comics Shibpur before his birth. Batul is still drawn by Debnath for Shuktara. However, he discontinued his five-year course in his final year. A popular animation series based on the characters has also been filmed.


Articles containing Bengali-language text Asian comic pop Comics infobox without image Use dmy dates from April All stub articles. Other characters in the series are Keltuda, a year-old tall boy, who is a bully and handa bhonda comics works against Nonte-Phonte. The stories feature two young boys, one slender Handa and the other bulky Bhonda.

bhondw Debnath had been familiar with foreign made comics but comics in Bengali had, to his admission, yet to take off. The family business was retailing gold and he had ample scope to design patterns for jewelry. Other characters in the comic handa bhonda comics include Lambakarna, who has long ears comicss special powers of hearing; Batul’s aunt; his pet dog Vedo, and a pet ostrich, Uto. Handa bhonda comics 13 January A look at the life and works of the comics writer. The suggestion to work in comics in Bengali came from the editors at Dev Sahitya Kutir.

Bantul, which started of as a human character, went on to have superpowers at the inistence of the bhpnda to add ‘an aura of invincibility’ to the charater during the Indo-Pakistani War of Bullets began to bounce off of him as in the case of Superman.

After much hesitation, he gave Batul the ability to take on tanks, airplanes, and missiles and made him immune to bullets. Handa-Bhonda were born at the suggestion of editors at Dev Sahitya Kuthir, who encouraged Debnath to work in comics in Bengali.

The first serial strip that Debnath began to create for the Kishore Bharati monthly handa bhonda comics was Potolchand The Magician, which ran for about handa bhonda comics issues.

Also the name Handa-Bhonda was their suggestion. Apart from comic books and cmics, Narayan Debnath is also an artist who has illustrated several handa bhonda comics novels. He did not continue to get his degree but instead discontinued in his final year. Unlike other heroes, Batul does handa bhonda comics wear any attractive attire. However, in most stories Handa gets punished for his mischiefs. His work for Tarzan stories, Bengali translation of co,ics novels etc.


Next story Keep the wine gods happy. Newer Post Older Post Home. This comics -related article is a stub.

Their byonda is similar to that of Handa and Bhonda. However, sometimes the trio handda together to do some good work. Bhonda has a little friend name Bocha whom Handa considers as Bhonda’s disciple ‘chela’in Bengali.

Narayan Handa bhonda comics was born and spent most of his life living in Shibpur, Howrah, India. Later, he decided to take handa bhonda comics his interest seriously and joined the Indian Art College to study fine arts. This page was last edited on 10 Marchat He comucs Batul a superhero able to take on tanks, airplanes, and missiles.

They have handa bhonda comics fraternal uncle who has a bad temper, Handa always uses his brains to avoid work being given to him by his uncle Pisemosai in Bengali Handa also often tricks bhonda in doing stuff that would get him a scolding or thrashing from pisemosai but at the end of the story he invariably ends up getting beaten himself. Sir Narayan Debnath domics a great role on my love towards comics and animation.

Debnath based Batul’s character on his friend and famous bodybuilder Manohar Aich. The series handa bhonda comics two young boys, Handa and Bhonda, who live with their fraternal aunt and uncle.

Coming from a family of gold retailers, art was always a part of his life in the form of designing patterns for gold jewellery. Batul is a superman-like character, with a well-built body and enormous strength. Their fraternal aunt appear in few of the handa bhonda comics of Handa and Bhonda.