Posts about barrons wordlist written by grepicture. Synonyms – absolution, condonation, excuse, forgiveness, pardon, remission. Antonyms – Arrest. Barrons Synonyms and Antonyms – Download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls), PDF Word List of Synonyms and Antonyms Barron’s GRE(12th Edition)_1. The GRE Word List offers you the meaning of the word or definition, synonyms and antonyms and picture clues and helps you in guessing the word. However if .

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Synonyms — deviation, variation, distortion, disorientation, error. Usage — Ample parking for two or three cars. Only if you have a proper understanding of the word can you find out the answer. You can substitute the given word and the answer options in the same sentence and check which one means the opposite to the given word.


Synonyms — amuck, berserk, demoniac, demoniacal, possessed, murderously Antonyms — Non-destructive, controlled. Enter your email address: With more than GRE words to master, students resort to rote learning and get entangled in a plethora of flashcards.

Moreover, a word might have more than one antonym. Usage — Lets try to amend our relationship.


GRE Word List – important words

Antonyms abtonyms dislike, hate, hatred. Usage — Amity between the two nation will contribute to the prosperity of the region. Antonyms — ongoing, action, activity, continuance, continuation.

Sometimes, the GRE antonym is not easy to find because of the difficulty level of the words. Usage — Oh, what a dear ravishing thing is the beginning of an Amour! To find out more, including how worr control cookies, see here: Antonyms — unfriendly, hostile. Synonyms — confound, confuse, embarrass.

GRE Word List

You could use etymology or word root lizt to remember and retain words too. Antonyms may not be exactly opposite to the given word, but they could mean something similar to the opposite.

Share with your friends. Usage — Abhor the sin, not the sinner.

GRE word list with antonyms – Rose Mount Institute of Languages

Not only should you learn these nad, you should look up for their opposites as well. Usage — The task was held in abeyance. You could also assure yourself of the meaning of the words by using them in sentences of your own. Well, you’re not alone. Antonyms — insufficient, meager, not enough.


You are not looking for a word having a similar meaning to the given word, but a word that is opposite in meaning. Synonyms — formless, inchoate, shapeless, unformed, unshaped. Usage — The prisoner pleaded for amnesty.

Usage — He felt abased when his clothes were removed. A List Posted on February 5, by grepicture. Synonyms — sufficient, adequate, abundant, plentiful, spacious, roomy, extensive. That is why good vocabulary is required to answer the GRE antonyms correctly. Synonyms — amative, concupiscent, erotic, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, libidinous, lustful, lusty, passionate, prurient, sexy. In the questions on GRE antonyms a word is given in the question for which the student is required to synonys out the word opposite in meaning out of the given options.

Usage — Bush abdicated his power.