If you’re looking for our most current version of this report, please visit the main National School Climate Survey page. Analysis about changes in LGBT student. What is the GLSEN Local School Climate Survey? The Local School Climate Survey (LSCS) is a tool developed by GLSEN’s Research Department for students. The GLSEN National School Climate Survey (pdf) is our flagship report on the school experiences of LGBTQ youth in schools, including the extent of the.

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For example, if you included these questions, the survey results can tell you how often students hear biased language—such as homophobic, racist and sexist remarks—in school and where students feel most unsafe in school—classrooms, locker rooms, bathrooms, etc. Download a Step-by-Step Guide. Participate in the largest network of K educators working to create safe, supportive school environments for all LGBT students.

To get the best idea of the school or community climate, we recommend that the survey be given to as many students as possible in your school or community.

You will also have the option climste download an Glsn file of the complete data for your records and to perform your own, additional analyses. Coimate click on that link directly to be taken to your survey.

For example, students who take French may have different experiences than students who take Spanish or German, so you cannot make generalizations about all students in a school if you glzen ask students who take French. Do students need to agree to take the survey? However, using paper surveys also available for download or allowing some students to use them may be an important strategy in reaching students of your school or community who may have less reliable access to the Internet.

With this information, you can hlsen identify areas for change and advocate for a more welcoming learning environment in your school or community. Once you are logged in, you can build your survey using pre-loaded questions as well as have the option to create your own questions, and then distribute your survey and analyze your results see below. You can choose to distribute the survey only online, only via paper, or using both methods at the same time.

Learn how to make your classroom and your school a safe, supportive space for all LGBT students. Whether or not you need official consent from students or parents will depend the school requirements. You may need to meet with the administrator s to discuss the purpose of the survey and why it is important for students to take it.


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Join or start a Gay-Straight Alliance or take part in one of our student leadership programs to make your school a better place. Once you have an idea of who you want to participate, you may need to get permission from the school s or district s those students attend or other locations where you plan to reach students e. Results from the survey can help to inform educators, administrators, and the entire school or community about students’ experiences in school.

You may want to partner with them to advocate for the survey and to help in getting the survey done. The Local School Climate Survey is meant to be used at the local level for school, district and local communities. It is important to remember that this is not necessarily a scientific survey; the survey findings apply only to the students who take your survey and may not be representative of all the students in the school or community. All created surveys and related data are password protected through the survey creators’ individual accounts.

Once you create a survey, you will be provided with a unique URL that can be used to direct students to the survey. If someone has a question about the survey they are taking, they should contact the survey creator directly. The results will tell you the responses provided by the students who took the survey for each question in your survey.

All survey data is owned by the survey creators. GLSEN will not divulge the name, contact information, or log in information of the survey creator to anyone without their express written permission.

It’s easier than you think to get involved and make a difference. Although you can survey just the senior class or even just the students in one particular class, the smaller the scope, the less glseh your survey will be of all the students in your school or community.

Local School Climate Survey | GLSEN

This survey is intended for students in gradesand asks about students’ perceptions of their school climate, including biased language, harassment, and the availability of resources and supports. It allows you to select from pre-loaded questions to build a survey, as well as create your own questions.

Who am I surveying? If you choose to administer your survey online, once you create your survey, you will be provided with a unique URL which you can name. Want to take action but don’t know how? We may also use your information internally to monitor, maintain, and improve the Local School Climate Survey tool features and the services we provide externally.


If you are interested in taking the survey, you should have been provided a direct link by someone else. GLSEN’s work is made possible through partnerships with corporate sponsors as well as other like-minded agencies working toward similar goals.

Our staff researchers have explored LGBT issues in education and the impact of bullying on school climate for nearly 15 years. Enter your email address and create an character password. Learn more gksen working at GLSEN, including career opportunities and our commitment to diversity and unparalleled professionalism.

Students are then able to decide if they are willing to participate in the survey and provide responses to the survey items.

We will glsrn use your information for marketing purposes or for any other purposes unrelated to the survey s you create. Their groundbreaking research has identified the problems and found the solutions that work. If you want to use the Local School Climate Survey tool to conduct a national, state or regional e. You can then distribute this URL to students you are asking to take the survey e.

Directing students to take the online version of the survey will permit the fastest response and analysis of survey data. Do I need a consent form for students? Click on the link in the email to activate your account.

Learn about the real action GLSEN is taking on the local, state and federal levels to make schools better and safer, and the policies proven to make a difference. Click here to have the activation link emailed to you again. If you used paper surveys instead of or in addition to online surveys, you can choose to enter each survey yourself i.

Once students take the survey, you will be provided with summaries of the responses to each survey question, including tables and charts. In addition, your school or community may have clubs or groups e. You will be sent an email from ” localsurvey glsen.