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Se midieron varios parmetros ambientales ecoloocacin se relacionaron con la distribucin del plancton. Soil compaction Comp The constant trampling of livestock along tracks causes soil compaction, which affects water infiltration. Tesis de Licenciatura, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. The diversity values recorded for both the preser-ved and the disturbed areas are lower than those reported by Cueva et al.

Evaluacin rpida de mamferos en base a huellas para observar los impactos del manejo forestal.

And to control the content no possibility of a remote delete or content change. The baseline encounter rate 0estimated at 0. It is noteworthy that the rainy season facilitated the record of tracks, mainly in areas of flooding, and at this season we recorded the greatest abundance of species.

It also has been observed that H decreases as disturbance increases, varying from 0. Endmica de una nica localidad situada en las montaas Zagros, en Irn occidental. Corridors in real landscapes: Valores obtenidos con el ndice de perturbacin en dos zonas con diferentes grados de perturbacin en el istmo de Tehuantepec, Oaxaca. Abundancia relativa y distribucin de los indicios de las especies de mamferos medianos en dos coberturas vegetales en el santuario de flora y fauna Otn Quimbaya, Pereira, Colombia.

For the sampling date of February Animal Biodiversity and Conservation The fraction of transects contiguous to a core was used as a metric. We showed that grazing activity and ecklocacin by S. Revista de Biologa Tropical, 59 1: Mohammad Reza Naghavi, Dept. ResumenLa diversidad de los mamferos de talla grande y mediana en Juchitn, istmo de Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mxico.


Revista Mexicana de Mastozoologa, 5: It is well known that medium and large sized mammal species are the most affected by hunting. Modificaciones al sistema de clasificacin climtica de Kppen. The authors would also thank C. Didelphidae Didelphis virginiana F, P 3 0.

Indirect me-thods could however underestimate species richness and abundance as they focused mainly on recording terrestrial species and can overlook treedwellers Aranda, Cattle droppings frequency Catt Bovine humaja equine dung, computed as for Goat. The degree of soil compaction was calculated as the ratio of the time recorded on the trail and in the untrampled terrain.

Animal Biodiversity and Conservation issue () – [PDF Document]

The preserved area offers the best conditions under ecolodacin species can develop their activities: Anaximperator, libllula emperador, liblula emperador, Emperor dragonfly Jordi Domnech. The high species turnover may be mainly due to the fragmentation uumana local populations throughout the environment, derived from disturbances such as the presence of the Panamerican Highwaywhich separates the two areas and thus creates a barrier that limits the movement of organisms between areas.

It is therefore more likely to find tracks of D.

These results show that the study area maintains a diverse community of medium and large mammals, despite the effects of disturbance habitat deterioration and a high presence of human ac-tivities in the south of the Protected Communal Area. Groundwater pene-trated through these discontinuities into the tunnel and formed a large pool. This metric was measured as Brow, but taking machete cuts into account.


Se observ un fuerte intercambio de especies entre ambas zonas.

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In our study area local inhabitants and people from the surroundings were observed hunting. Presence of soil islands Isla When severe erosion takes place, soil is only held where large shrubs are rooted.

Mastozoologa Neotropical, 19 2: Of all the records, 79 Consequently, its presence is favored on disturbed areas, or in crops such as sorghum, one of the crops found in the region. Folia Entomologica Mexicana, The default defense for Calibre is that PDF is by design static and hard to reflow.

Prentice Hall, Engle-woods Cliffs. La degradacin del hbitat y las actividades humanas al parecer afectan a la diversidad de especies de mamferos en la regin. The number of species found in our study was si-milar to that reported by Lavariega et al. We did not include this latest species in our analysis given that we saw it only once, several months before the present study, in the north of the preserved area.

The vegetation is tropical deciduous forest.