Find great deals for MOOG Concertmate Mg-1 Analog Synthesizer – Vintage Mg1 Realistic S. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I pulled my Concertmate MG-1 synthesizer out of storage for my next Arduino project (to be described later), only to find that it wasn’t working quite right. The MG-1 was manufactured by Moog Music for Radio Shack for their Concertmate line of casio-like keyboards. However, the MG-1 is a true Moog, somewhere.

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The multiple notes of polyphony feed into the single filter, giving a paraphonic result.

There are separate tuning knobs for the TGs and the polyphonic section. The mixer section has sliders to adjust the volume of the VCOs, the poly section, and the noise source, with concertmat additional slider labeled “Bell”, which is a simple ring-mod effect using the square-waves from the two VCOs. I was afraid I’d somehow destroyed my rare CA chip, but fortunately discovered that if the switches are in intermediate positions, you don’t get any signal. Concertmate MG-1 Production period: In addition, the contour input showed it was picking up some crosstalk from the oscillator 1 trace that runs next to it, and this was being amplified into the buzzing noise.

The upper board is the sound generation, filtering, and amplification, while the lower board has the power supply, keyboard, control, and polyphonic sound. In conclusion, I succeeded in fixing my MG-1 and getting that lovely, rich Moog sound. Moog synthesizers RadioShack Analog synthesizers Monophonic synthesizers.


Second, both Rogue oscillators share the same waveforms and octave range selectors, whereas on the MG-1 there are separate selectors for each.

Keyboard – 32 keys.

MOOG Concertmate Mg-1 Analog Synthesizer – Vintage Mg1 Realistic S

Animoog Filtatron Model In the schematic below, op-amps U10A and U10B feed the differential output signal into the amplifier.

Why stereo phono plugs? Therefore, it is true that the Poly tones are not “faded out” by the Fall time release contour setting when a key is released.

Fortunately, by some bizarre twist of fate, I happened to have one in my rather small box of parts. When a key is released the polyphony tone for that key stops immediately.

Panel Layout Mg- synthesizer’s features aren’t labelled using the usual synthesizer nomenclature, instead using more “laymen friendly” terms such as “Tone Source” for the oscillators, “Contour” for the envelope with “Rise Time” for Attack Time and “Fall Time” instead of Decay or Release Time.

Moog Concertmate MG-1 – Wikipedia

The synthesizer also featured a pair of pass-through RCA jacks, which allowed users to mix radio or records into the final live synthesized sound output. It is a common misconception that the Poly tones are not affected by the Contour settings. Audio Clip 2 A few more warbly analog sounds from the MG As with many analog synthesizers, the MG-1’s resale price is slowly rising as alternatives and working instruments become less common, and buyers and sellers congregate online.

It sounded suspiciously concertmmate a DC signal being applied to a speaker.

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In this case, it is used as a voltage-controlled amplifier, allowing the contour signal to control the output. The second problem was that when I set the contour for an attack and decay, the note got louder and softer, but as the note got softer it concertmmate replaced with a conceetmate at the frequency of oscillator 1.


Newer Post Older Post Home. The Contour settings can only affect Polyphony while a key is pressed due to the Polyphonic gate design. Conveniently, the Service Manual is available online. Create an account or sign in to leave a review You need to be a member in order to leave a review Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Go to synthesizers MOOG. Infew electronic musical instruments had the MG-1 combination of paraphonic poly section and monophonic synthesizer in one instrument. Who Played This Instrument? If there’s a DC offset between the input pins 2 and 3, there will be an amplified DC offset at the output.

TG1 Tone Generator 1 has available sawtooth and square waveforms, and TG2 has sawtooth and pulse waveforms. The rest of the modulation, including the sample-and-hold, will affect the Polyphonic Signal via the filter section. Realistic Radio Shack Model: Polyphonic Sound The Polyphonic features of this synth are of particular interest as polyphony was rare in synthesizers of the time.