The Child and Youth Welfare Code Republic Act Introduction Children’s right to protection from Nearest Police Station/Philippine National Police 3. THE CHILD AND YOUTH WELFARE CODE. I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution. 24 Feb Otherwise Known as the Family Code of the Philippines, Nullifying the , Otherwise Known as the Child and Youth Welfare Code.

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Parent-Teacher Association all over the country shall aid the municipal and other local authorities and school officials in the enforcement of juvenile delinquency control measures, and in the implementation of programs and activities to promote child welfare. Curfew Hours for Children.

Civil liability may also child and youth welfare code of the philippines voluntarily assumed by a relative or family friend of the youthful offender. Provided, That the provisions of the Dangerous Drugs Act of and amendments thereto shall continue to be in force and shall not be deemed modified or repealed by any provision of this Code. Provided, That if the violation is committed by a foreigner, he shall also xnd subject to deportation. This is the highest group of mentally retarded, with I.

He can likewise attain a primary grade level of education if he receives effective instruction. Violation of this provision shall subject the hospital, clinic, institution, or physician who fails to make such report to a fine of not more than two thousand pesos. Vocational rehabilitation shall also be provided in accordance with existing ans and the particular needs of the children.

Duty to Report Abandonment. Commitment may be done in youuth following manner: Such agency or individual may intervene in adoption proceedings in such manner as shall child and youth welfare code of the philippines inure to the child’s welfare.

Commercial and advertisements and trailers child and youth welfare code of the philippines are improper for children under eighteen years of age due to their advocating or unduly suggesting violence, vices, crimes and immorality, shall not be shown in any philippinss theater where the main feature is for general patronage nor shall they be used or shown during or immediately before and after any yoyth or radio program for children.


When a license also serves as a child-placement agency, it shall maintain a staff equipped by training to make thorough studies of every prospective family home.

In all cases where the expenses for the maintenance of the disabled child cannot be paid in accordance with the next preceding paragraph, the same, or such part thereof as may remain unpaid, shall be borne by the Department of Social Welfare. Disposition of Property or Money. Suspension of Sentence and Commitment of Youthful Offender. Physical Surroundings weelfare Outings.


The license of the agency or individual found guilty of such neglect may be suspended or revoked, as the court may deem proper, in cgild same proceeding.

The temporary custody of the child shall be discontinued if it appears that he is wepfare being given proper care, or at his own request, or at the instance of the agency or person receiving him. In child and youth welfare code of the philippines of disagreement, the father’s decision shall prevail unless there is a judicial order to the contrary.

School Plants and Facilities. The petition shall be filed with the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, if any, or with the Court of First Instance of the province or City Court in which the parents or guardian resides or the child is found.

Philippines – Presidential Decree No. Child and Youth Welfare Code.

Admission of Disabled Children. The operation and maintenance of such schools shall be the responsibility of local governments.

Vocational rehabilitation and manpower conservation agencies shall train disabled children for specialized types of jobs, services and business which could be learned only by them and shall help provide opportunities for phhilippines future occupational placement: Planning of Programs and Services.

Th the violation is committed by a parent or legal guardian of the child, such fact shall aggravate or mitigate the offense as circumstances shall warrant. Each licensee shall make provisions for codw services, including social casework for every child under its care. Such assistance may be in the form of special school programs which may not require continuous attendance in school, or aid in the form of necessary school supplies, school lunch, or whatever constitutes a bar to a child’s attendance in school or access to elementary education.


There shall be a permanent Secretariat for the Council headed by an Executive Director, to be appointed by the Chairman and approved child and youth welfare code of the philippines a majority of the members of the Council.

Chartered cities shall pay two-thirds of said expenses; and in case a chartered city cannot pay said expenses, part of the internal revenue allotments applicable to the unpaid portion shall child and youth welfare code of the philippines withheld and applied to the settlement of said indebtedness.

The court may, upon its own motion or on motion of the petitioner, reduce or dispense with the trial period if welffare finds that it is to the best interest of the child. Any parent or guardian found grossly negligent in the performance of the duty imposed by this article shall be admonished by the Department of Social Welfare or the Council for the Protection of Children.

Upon receiving the petition, the court shall fix the time for hearing the questions raised thereby and cause reasonable notice thereof to be sent to the petitioner and to the person, agency or institution to cyild the child has been committed.

If the court finds that the disclosure of the information is necessary for purposes connected with or arising out of the adoption and will be for the best interests of the child, child and youth welfare code of the philippines court may permit the necessary information to be child and youth welfare code of the philippines, restricting the purposes for which it may be used.

The child is not a mere creature of the State. Duty of Employer to Submit Report. The court shall furthermore order the sheriff to produce, if possible, the alleged disabled child on the date of the hearing. The parents or guardian of the child may file a similar petition in case no immediate placement can be arranged for the disabled child when the welfare and interest of the child is at stake. Who May Not Be Adopted.