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An example of energy efficiency” Both events, which share an emphatic focus on energy efficiency, will offer visitors the opportunity to learn about the details of the latest industry innovations in the topic. An example of efficiency, low maintenance and durability”.

Catalogo samsung aire acondicionado 2013 26 February and 1 March, these presentations, developed based on proposals by exhibiting companies and institutions, will focus on real life cases of critical installations, and the practical solution to the problem adopted by the engineer.

CIAT will be contributing with two fatalogo. REPSOL’s presentation will focus on advanced integral air-conditioning and heating and thermal generation solutions. Mapa web Aviso legal Contacto English.

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Facebook Twitter Avanzar Retroceder. Together with the Classroom of Singular Applications, the trade show will provide the setting for the sixth edition of the Innovation Gallery, a space where exhibiting companies premier their latest products and systems.

The second talk will catalogo samsung aire acondicionado 2013 on how to save power in a seasonal hotel, by means of a reversible cooling plant with total heat recovery, allowing to virtually cover all ACS requirements for free, while generating heat by means of the calorific cycle.


Efficient solutions for multi-purpose buildings” The Classroom of Singular Applications is configured as a space of exception, where the professionals of the business industry have the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge. It will also be catalogo samsung aire acondicionado 2013 stage in which the Workshop of Applied Techniques, TAC Workshop, a formative and practical activity that focuses on fitters will be held; and FOROCLIMA, a forum where the most relevant and current topics are discussed, and a meeting point for experts, companies, institutions and professionals.

CLIVET in the Classroom of Singular Applications, will explain a primary air treatment solution during the renovation of the headquarters of a company engaging in the agro food business sector, which wants to fit out an external air intake to its installation in order to ensure its compliance with current catalogo samsung aire acondicionado 2013.

The air-conditioning and heating systems of two official buildings in Zaragoza will also be analyzed. It is also especially aimed at groups of students enrolled in the final courses of their engineering degrees, who may have an interested in expanding their training from a practical point of view.

One of them will focus on the thermal systems catalogo samsung aire acondicionado 2013 a fitness centre with spa and recreational swimming-pools, by means of four-pipe heat-pump, dehumidifier with heat recovery, and hybrid solar-powered condensing boiler technologies. Efficiency will take the most part of DAIKIN’s address, which will cover issues such as the renovation of an office block with a VRV water condensing system from an energy standpoint; the mixed system air-conditioning and heating system at Tecnatom’s building; the aerothermia as an alternative to fossil fuel-based systems for the production of air-conditioning and heating; cooling systems in DPC’s; cold air generation through centrifugal cooling units to supply a district networks, and maximizing energy efficiency in a hospital’s thermal plant.


SAMSUNG will carry out an exhibition on efficient air-conditioning and heating for household units, including home-automation control details, catalogo samsung aire acondicionado 2013 key energy sumps in households, and the approaches that, to this regards, are being applied in ACS and air-conditioning and heating units.

INTARCON will address the centralisation of air-conditioning production at mid and low temperatures, with VRC power modulation systems, and their application in supermarkets, and will propose a practical exercise based on the centralization of air-conditioning production at different ranges of temperature in hotel establishments.