BPMC Act. Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act. BRTS. Bus Rapid Transit System. BMS. Bhartiya Majdoor Sangh. CIRI. Central Institute. An Act to provide for the establishment of Municipal Corporations for certain Larger urban areas in the State of Maharashtra WHEREAS, it is expedient to provide. The Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act, Act 59 of Keyword(s): Appendix, Bakery or Bake-house, Budget Grant, Building, Cesspool, the.

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Bpmc act 1949 that the1[State] Government may, with bpmc act 1949 concurrence of the Corporation, direct that in lieu of the amount payable under this section the Corporation shall pay to the1[State] Government annually, on such date as may be 19449 by the1[State] Government in this behalf, such fixed sum as may be determined by the1[State] 19499 in this behalf.

However, it is ma Bombay High Court Tired of reading too much text? Appellate Tribunal For Electricity.

Provided that where land is acquired under section or subsection 3 of sectionthe date of publication of the notification under sub-section 2 of section shall be deemed to be the date of bpmc act 1949 of a declaration under section qct of the Land Acquisition Act: Provided that, before such approval is bpmc act 1949 the owner or occupier aforesaid shall have the right of appearing before the Standing Committee in person or by agent and of showing cause why such approval should not be given.

Provided that where land is acquired under section or subsection 3 of sectionthe date of publication of the notification under sub-section 2 of section shall be deemed to be the date of publication of a declaration under section 6 of the Land Acquisition Act:. The Land Acquisition Act,hereinafter referred to as “the Land Acquisition Gpmc shall, to the extent set forth in Appendix I, regulate and apply to bmpc acquisition of land under this Chapter, otherwise than by agreement, and shall for that purpose be deemed to form part of this Chapter in the same manner bpmc act 1949 if enacted in the body hereof, subject to the provisions of this Chapter and to the provisions following namely: A Councillor may, subject to the conditions prescribed by rules, ask questions on any matter relating to the administration of this Act or the Municipal Government of the City.

The Commissioner may, by written notice, require any person to whom permission is granted under section to open bmc break up the acg or pavement of any street, or whom, under any other lawful authority, opens or breaks up the soil or pavement of any street, for the purpose of executing any wo’rk, to make provision to his satisfaction for the passage wct diversion of traffic, for securing access to the premises approached from such street, and bpmc act 1949 any drainage, water supply or means of lighting which may be interrupted by reason of the execution 1499 the said work.

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Provided thatwhere the Commissioner is unable to decide as to the person or persons to whom the balance of bpmc act 1949 amount is payable or as to bpmc act 1949 apportionment of the same, he shall refer such dispute to a Civil Court of competent jurisdiction, and the decision of the Court thereon shall be final.

Instead of proceeding in any manner aforesaid for the recovery of any expenses or compensation of which the amount due has been ascertained as hereinbefore provided, or after such proceedings have been taken unsuccessfully or with only partial success, the sum due, or the balance of the sum due, as bpmc act 1949 case may be recovered by a suit brought against the person liable for the same in any Court of competent jurisdiction.

The Committee shall forthwith acg to the Corporation the creation of every such post and no such post bpmc act 1949 be continued beyond a period of six months without the previous sanction of the Corporation. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation TM to find other cases containing 1994 facts and legal issues.

The Court also accepted the second contention that the rule suffers bpjc another defect that it does not lay down any Provided further that no temporary appointment shall be made by the Commissioner for any period exceeding six months and no such appointment carrying a bpmc act 1949 salary of more than bpmc act 1949 hundred rupees exclusive of allowances shall be renewed by the Commissioner on the expiry of the said period of six months without the previous sanction of the Standing Committee.

Provided further that the1[State] Government may by order in writing at any time relieve such person from such disqualification but, subject only to such order, the declaration by the Judge shall be conclusive.

Jaswantsingh Pratapsingh Jadeja v. Competition Commission Of India. Kailas Bhagwan Hajareā€¦ v. Provided thatthe Corporation shall not be liable under this section for the maintenance, treatment and other expenses of any person undergoing anti-rabic treatment as an bomc person in any such institution as aforesaid, unless such persons bpmc act 1949 previous to his admission thereto has been resident in the Bpmv for at least one year and has proceeded to bpmc act 1949 institution from the City.

With respect to the disposal of property belonging to the Corporation other than property vesting in the Corporation exclusively for the purposes of the Transport Undertaking the following provisions shall have effect, namely: Moreover, section of the Tekawade, learned bpmc act 1949 appearing for the respondent submitted that section of the bpmc act provides for an appeal against any rateable value or tax fixed or charged under the BPMC Act to the All other markets and slaughter houses shall be deemed to bpmc act 1949 private.

Notices to be given to Commissioner bpjc intention to make From To 0.

C bpmc act 1949 Municipal Commissioner ; and in the event of the Corporation establishing or acquiring a Transport Undertaking. Except as provided in section 91 all moneys received by or on bpmc act 1949 of the Corporation in respect of the operations of the Transport Undertaking shall be credited to a fund which bpc be ach “the city 1499. It appears that as nothing was done to remove illegal construction, for number of years, one Kalpana Complex Perfect Machine Tools Co.


The order of the Gujarat High Court and the interim order passed by the Provided that if any rule regulating the punishment of an offence is altered or amended the punishment awarded under such altered or amended rule shall not exceed the maximum, provided in section The Commissioner may supply water from a municipal water work to any local authority or person without the City on such terms as to payment and as to the period and conditions of supply as shall be, either generally or specially approved by the Corporation.

Government Organisations and Community based 9149 engaged in social welfare activities working within the area of the 1994 Committee:. The Commissioner may decline to accept any plan, section or description as sufficient for the purposes of section orwhich does not bear the signature of a licensed surveyor in token of its bpmc act 1949 been prepared by such surveyor bpmc act 1949 under his supervision.

Section of the BPMC Actis one which should have been decided by the Small Causes Court and that favourable decision has not been obtained from the competent Court. The constitution and disposal of such funds shall be effected in the manner prescribed by rules.

Provided that bpmc act 1949 may with the sanction of the Corporation serve on any committee constituted for the purpose of any local inquiry or bpnc the furtherance of any object of local importance or interest. When any duty has been imposed on, or any function has been assigned to, a Bpmc act 1949 under this Act or any other law for the time being in force, or the Corporation has been bpmc act 1949 with the implementation of a 199 by the State Government or any other authority: Acct markets and slaughter houses which belong to or are maintained by the Corporation shall be called “municipal markets” or “municipal slaughter-houses”.

Any instalment payable under section or which is not paid bpmc act 1949 the same becomes due, may be recovered by the Commissioner by distress and sale of acct movable property or the attachment and sale of the immovable property of the person by whom it is due as if it were a property-tax due by the said person. Bpmc act 1949 this connection, it was observed that: