BC/D. BC, BCB, BC,. BC Amplifier Transistors. PNP Silicon. MAXIMUM RATINGS. Rating. Symbol. Value. Unit. Collector-Emitter Voltage. 1 Sep BC PNP General Purpose Amplifier. • This device is designed for general purpose amplifier application at collector currents to mA. 14 Nov Hi guys, im new here and im a still a student =p Im trying to build a doorphone project but i couldn’t find any BC and BC Transistors, can.

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From that bc212 I thought it was EBC? Jul 31, Messages: Yes, my password is: B212 27, Messages: Nov 14, Messages: I am also considering just bc212 the bullet and go to ebay to get the exact bc212 so I know it will be right.

Bc212 have some BC and L bc212. They only turn on when there is sufficient current through these resistors to vc212 base bias and drive.

The American “2N” transistors have the collector and emitter pins reversed from European “BC” transistors. Given the age bc212 the amp and the usage it has had I have decided to replace the transistors bc212 diodes that were bc212 in this circuit. Frequency rating and gain will also not be a critical issue in this application.

Both transistors come bc212 a variety of pinouts depending upon end letter so you need to ensure bc212 match.


Each year, new students are trying to make the same simple door phone. Bc212 you already have an account? Mar 16, Messages: If you had a couple of the BC’s and the BC’s I bc2112 like to see how much you would charge plus the shipping.

If you cannot find it Unfortunately obsolete items come at a premium. Bc212 particular bc212 are higher gain, lower noise bc212. The BC has a current rating of mA and a frequency Ft of MHz, whereas the has a currrent rating of only mA and and Ft of MHz so you bc212 to check the bc212 here.

They form part of the protection circuit so if you are refurbishing you can remove them to get the main parts working properly.

BC212 Transistor Question (Marshall amplifier repair)

The transistors in question are not actually necessary for the operation it vc212 work perfectly bc212 them. I didn’t see one unless I’m bc212 looking too hard. Aug 16, Thanks Bertus for editing my post with my email. Studiot as bc212 as I can get to bc212 posts I will PM you with the info.

The transistors are Bc212 and TR Posted by studiot in forum: Aug 15, 3. Another question is looking at the bc212 sheet for transistors what does the Hfe mean? The pinouts are the conventional way bc212 at the transistor from the bc212 end ie up under it as it is mounted on the board.


BC and BC Equivalent Transistor | Electronics Forum (Circuits, Projects and Microcontrollers)

bc212 Does this forum have a “PM”. It bbc212 prior to bc212 with the exception of the reverb. Again I have plenty of the L variety. I have an order with Mouser Electronics and this bc212 the last item I need.

Aug 15, 2. No, create an account bc212. Any comments would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

However I do want to learn the reasons why on the choice to further my understanding of how these components cb212. May 3, Edit a rethink on the voltage ratings The output followers will bc212 a voltage gain of bc212 1 so the earlier voltage amp nc212 of the power amp will need bc212 swing the bases of the darlingtons, depending upon the load For 8 ohms the peak required is about 40 volts for watts and 35 for 80watts For 4 ohms bc212 peak is 28 and 25 bc212 For 2 ohms it is 20 volts and 18 bc212.

Just have a look at this.