Batman Confidential 18 [Fabian Nicieza] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tales of the Batman in the past. Batman Confidential #17 and #18 tell the story of Batgirl’s first encounter with Catwoman. There isn’t a Batman to be found in these. Compare critic reviews for Batman Confidential #18 by Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguire, published by DC Comics.

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Batman Confidential #18 (Aug 2008, DC)

And I’m usually all for women with muscles, but this is not the case. In this story, Batgirl only knows Catwoman by reputation and what Confidenital has said about her and what Robin has told her about their inappropriate relationship.

I am so glad that I did, and look forward to getting my hands on a TPB of the earlier issues. The collection tells the story batmxn the first meeting between Batgirl and Catwoman.

Batman Confidential (2006-) #18

Fabian Nicieza’s writing is decent, but his use of thought balloons for two characters in the same panel is frequently confusing.

Jan 26, Lukas rated it liked it.

The gatman is super long and has a life of its ownand she has no armor or padding whatsoever, not even goggles, a helmet or boots.

Muy divertido y ligero. At the end of issue 17, Batgirl confidentia, faced with a nasty dilemma: I was so excited for this book when it came out in single-issue form back in because I was and still am a huge fan of artist Kevin Maguire, best known for his work on Justice League International just re-read this after 10 years has it been that long?


I took off 3 stars for the art and the first half of the story.

Batman Confidential () Digital Comics – Comics by comiXology

Batgirl and Catwoman keep crossing paths and wrestling over a notebook stolen from Vatman Gordon. Kevin Maguire’s art is wonderful. Not the greatest series Batman Confidential and issue 18 is really bizarre with its fight between Catwoman and Batgirl in the buff.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Feb 15, J.

Mostly it’s about Batgirl and Catwoman, chasing each other and fighting over possession of a stolen notebook over the course of one crazy night in Gotham City. Fabian Nicieza is an American comic book writer and editor who is best known for his work on Marvel titles such as X-Men, X-Force, New Warriors, Cable and Deadpooland Thunderboltsfor all of which he helped create numerous characters.

As a fan of both Batgirl and Kevin Maguire, I remembered it fondly. But I gave back a star for the nice ending. Some authors see characters like Batgirl and Catwoman and write a story about human beings, with feelings and dignity, and stuff. At times funny, but also great fights that are well-timed.

What’s not to love? I enjoyed this fun adventure. I was very excited when I read about this coming out as I love both Batgirl and Catwoman. And, for the record, no one has ever written the Batrgirl character better than Simone. I also really liked the Frank Quitely-esque solidity his bstman has. Nov 12, Evan Leach rated it it was ok Shelves: People whose opinions I respect have dismissed this book as sexist.


Batman Confidential/Covers | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Nicieza is a bit of a wild card for me. Jun 14, Jacob rated it liked it. I’m an aspiring author who just happens ##18 also work on the web, reporting on the environmental research and science at Planetsave. Hushour rated it really liked it. There were confiddntial when I didn’t even know what was happening in a panel. Seqential MInded on June 24, 3: Let’s try to keep the focus on that.

confidentiao Aug 20, Ronnie Jones rated it it was ok. I’m sorry it was written. Jun 10, Ryan rated it did not like it Shelves: Makes me sick, and no I don’t hate comics I own almost graphic novels including a lot of Batgirl and Batman, this is quite possibly my most hated and I wish I read it before buying online.

Well done, Fabian Nicieza????!??