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Now, autonomous body to decide curriculum of textbooks in Rajasthan. Old Balchitravani building to house e-Balbharati wing. With the introduction of a revised syllabus for Class 10 at the state board this year, Balbharti published a new set of textbooks that were found to be full of different bslbharti of errors.

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From this year on, private publishers and tutorials will have to cough up to Rs 63, per subject per year to use content from state board textbooks to create supplementary resource material. The changes which have been approved will reflect in the next print edition of textbooks, which are expected next year.

Two translators, five reviewers blacklisted. Students of various schools in the district who lost their books in the floods would soon get them by the end of the week, officials said. Publishers here have decided not to register for licences proposed by Balbharati, the state government’s textbook bureau. Delay in textbook supply hits students in Dharwad.


In science textbooks, there are glaring issues like incorrectly-written chemical formulae and wrongly-marked diagrams. Upload information on textbooks distributed online.

Another example of an error that has not been fixed: HT File Representational Image. Class 9, 11 textbooks yet to reach government schools. In a diagram on reflection, refracted rays were wrongly labelled as reflected rays.

Jul 07, Rahul Gandhi listed as ‘non-Hindu’. When experts, teachers and students pointed out the errors in the new textbooks, Balbharti said it would bring these to the notice of its subject expert committees who would then decide if the suggested changes were genuinely needed.

Balbharti issues 27-page clarification for error-ridden Class 10 textbook

Lost textbooks to be replaced by end of week. Private publishers must pay Rs 63, per subject a year to Balbharati.

Scam-accused bank manager in Mumbai acquitted after teextbooks years. Unlearning textbooks for sensible thinking.

Evaluation Scheme

Ankita Bhatkhande Hindustan Times. The idea of the paged document is balbhagti give teachers balbhqrti students a reference that will let them identify the errors in the textbook and rectify them in the classroom.

Costly Balbharati licences may not have any takers. Experts, however, said that the revisions listed by Balbharti are far from comprehensive. The chapter on reproduction mentioned a part of the male genital tract as part of the female genital tract.


The recently released SSC textbooks offer several new topics to students: Errors in Class IX textbooks, corrections sent to schools. Coaching class-owners too plan to move court against the state.

Registrations, which opened on Monday, require publishers of supplementary content to pay up to Rs 63, per subject per year. Primary and secondary education must create a yearning for higher education, And not be mere additional qualifications.

You can listen to Kannada textbooks soon. Many Mumbai local, long distance trains cancelled after fire in goods train. From around the Web. However, a few topics in the History and Political Science balbhaeti have not blabharti down well with the Congress and the CPM, with the latter planning to take up the issue before the state education board soon.

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