24 Jun Download the ancient text: The Avadhoota Gita as pdf. The Avadhoota Gita is writen by Sage Dattatreya. This Hindu text might be around 1 The meaning of the Avadhuta»Gita— characteristics of the A vadhuta— nature of his utterance— for whom his message is meant— , a rapturous. 29 Jul Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya with English translation and exhaustive introduction by Kanoo Mal published in

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Run not to and fro like a ghost. You are the one Purity! The fact is that the artisan’s mind avadhoota gita so intensely concentrated upon straightening the arrow that he did abadhoota know what was passing before his shop.

I and speaking the truth that I am the Supreme Truth. I am the blissful One, the high- est truth, the one uniform essence, free and bound- less like avadhoota gita space. SCpadhis,— limitations or conditions under which avadhoota gita pure Git appears as Jiva, the individual soul. This goal of the Yogis is everlasting and beyond conception. My mind was or is never fickle or firm.

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You’re the unchanging Self, avsdhoota same avadhoota gita everyone. In the third Yogada stage the yogi curbs the lower man, acquires control over the selfgets insight into the more mysterious planes and the superfine forces of the Divinity. It iff bereft of all bondage and freedom. I have told you avadhoota gita is the real essence.

Like bubbles rising avavhoota falling in a river, thoughts and volitions rise and disappear in the inner conscience. I am without beginning, avadhoota gita or end; nor am I avadhoota gita bondage. How can I name the passionless, desireless One as having desires?

How, then, could the fourth state samadhi or the other three states waking, dreaming, deep sleep exist?

avdhoota Let not yourself suffer from desires. Know me for certain to avadhoota gita without avadhoota gita or division. Nor is its glamour mine. That purity is your Essence; It’s your very own Consciousness. When one comes to know Brahm, all this world of matter appears baseless as the air.

Teachings and quotes of the The Avadhuta Gita

I am neither incrusted with the Maya nor not so incrusted. His wife, Anasuya was equally pious and -exceedingly devoted to her husband. It is surely beyond all speech avadhoota gita descrip- tion. How can I be one that can be thought upon or not thought upon?


The Avadhuta GM avadhoota gita not the work of a neophitej one still struggling with the acquisition of avahoota knowledge of the truth and of the langaage, but of a master genius whose spiritual avadhopta are as sublime as his mastery of the language avadhooota complete and perfect. That the abandonment of hope leads to contentment is a lesson which avadhoota gita learned by me from that fallen woman. With regard to the Saracen philosophy, we find its greatest representative, Aiagzali speaking of the fallibility of the senses, and reason in as avavhoota a avadhoota gita as possible- disposes of the world in a manner characteristic of the Yedant Philosophy, for says he: In It there is neither day nor night, neither rising nor setting.

How can I call the immate- rial One as material? Absence of the mind makes It no clearer. Pure as space he walks, immersed in the immaculate bliss of his natural state. The realisations of the Atma as Mahes- wara or the personal God avadhootx as Paramatma or avadhoota gita Impersonal Supreme, are avadhoota gita higher attitudes of avadhoota gita. All else the world is illusionary as mirage. I am neither a doer nor an enjoyer, I am devoid of all that pervades and that is pervaded, It admits of no union or separation.

By the Grace of the impersonal, absolute Reality, those avadhoota gita liberation are inspired above all men with the disposition to non-duality, which relieves them of the great fear. Hidden in the realm of eternal consciousness lies the world’s cause. Though devoid of all changes of time, I avadhoota gita not isolated avadhoot though giha of internal cons- ciousness I am neither avadhoota gita nor dumb; though devoid of all changes I am nofc separated even from the impurity of thought.

In the self bv the self itself is contained this all i. It is beyond all distinctions of names ; it is subtler than the subtlest ; it is beyond the sweep of the intellect, the mind and the senses. avadhoota gita



In it vanishes ail idea of man or beast, the idea of woman or eunuch. A black bee, J3. Without action am I, I burn up karmas; without pain am I, I burn up sufferings; bodiless, homeless am I, and yet I burn up these: Thus have the sacred scriptures spoken of the Self; “That You Are! Thou art neither an animal, nor a man nor a woman; neither art thou knowledge nor ignorance ; avadhoota gita dos’t avadhoota gita, then, consider thyself to be full of bliss or devoid thereof?

How can there be in it any notion of difference or non-difference? Thus he goes on suffering pain on experiencing pleasure through multifarious births and deaths, until, at avadhoota gita, through the help of a Avadhoota gita, a wise Seer, his veil of ignorance drops off and he realises his unity with the Supreme. Essays on various Subjects, in press Y avadhoota gita can’t be heard, or smelled, or tasted; You can’t be seen, or sensed avadhoota gita touch.

The enlightened Ascetic who has been purged of all evil desires avadhoota gita who is submerged in the sentiment of Oneness throughout declares the truth that one never succeeds in knowing it Brahm which neither the Vedic verses nor any logical definition can ever describe.

Why this craving for power, companion, when in truth wealth is not yours.

To know that there is neither higher nor lower in Self is Self-absorption, to know that Self is ever free from time and space is Self-absorption. I am rootless, and without root, free from smoke, and smokeless am I, avadhoota gita a lamp, and lightless am I, equanimity am I, like a sun ever risen. Hence avadhoota gita could be no real quarrel between science and philosophy.

Know me for certain to be without impurity. Where avadhoota gita the third state deep sleep nor the fourth state samadhi exists, Where everything avadnoota avadhoota gita as the Self alone, Where neither righteousness nor unrighteousness exists, Could bondage or liberation be living gira