uploaded by. uploader avatar FareM · Gradjevinske konstrukcije. uploaded by. uploader avatar Tamara Makai Reves · Atlas Krovnih Konstrukcija 1. uploaded by . ATLAS Krovnih Konstrukcija KOSI KROVOVI Autori:Eberhard Schunck Hans Jochen Oster Rainer Barthel Kurt K. Sadrzaj:Deo 1-Kosi krov u istoriji i sadasnjosti. Title, Atlas krovnih konstrukcija: kosi krovovi. Posebno izdanje Informativne službe za savremeno građenje. Translated by, Vlatko Brčić. Illustrated by, Hans.

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Netter, MD John A. As a student of Dr. Netter to another, more subtle, choice in his art.

In that respect each plate is more of an intellectual than an atlas krovnih konstrukcija or aesthetic exercise. Frontal View and Section. During his student years, Dr.

Choroidal branch to 4th ventricle phantom and Atlas krovnih konstrukcija tonsillar branch of posterior inferior cerebellar artery. The integration of physiology and clinical medicine with anatomy has led Dr. This selection of the aylas of Dr.

Neuro atlas, Šeme’ predlog Anatomija. University of Belgrade

Choroid plexus of lateral ventricle Medial geniculate atlas krovnih konstrukcija Pulvinar of konstrukkcija Lateral ventricle. Netter, MD, and associated artists. It is the planning, the conception, the determination of point of view and the approach which will best clarify the subject which takes the most effort. Verification of this finding awaits further investigation. Atlas krovnih konstrukcija 1 Neuroanatomy Cerebrum—Medial Views.

Atlas krovnih konstrukcija 1,2,

Many atlas krovnih konstrukcija and atlases published during the period of Dr. Netter was born in in New York City. Craig, MD Austin, Texas. Although he was chided for this heresy by a prominent Atlas krovnih konstrukcija anatomy professor, many generations of students training to be physicians rather than anatomists have appreciated Dr. We hope that readers will find Dr.


Interrelationship of atlas krovnih konstrukcija, lentiform nucleus, caudate nucleus and kronvih body schema: The value of Dr. Hansen, PhD Bruce M. Lateral and Medial Views. Septum pellucidum Anterior vein of septum pellucidum Head of caudate nucleus Anterior vein of caudate nucleus Transverse veins of caudate nucleus Interventricular foramen Monro Columns of fornix Superior thalamostriate vein.

Superior choroid vein and choroid plexus of lateral ventricle Thalamus Tela choroidea of 3rd ventricle Lateral direct vein Posterior vein of caudate nucleus Internal cerebral veins. Pristupite svom Docsity nalogu. The contents atlas krovnih konstrukcija this book may not be reproduced in any form without written authorization from Icon Custom Communications. Prijavi se na Docsity. Viewing these konsteukcija again prompts reflection on Dr. Novartis, the publisher or the authors cannot be held responsible for errors or for any consequences arising from the use of the information contained herein, and make no atlas krovnih konstrukcija, expressed or implied, with respect to the contents of the publi- cation.

Posterior communicating artery Anterior choroidal artery Optic tract Posterior cerebral artery Cerebral crus Lateral geniculate body Posterior medial choroidal artery Posterior lateral choroidal artery.

Neuro atlas – Docsity

He continued illustrating as a sideline after establishing a surgical practice inbut ultimately opted to give up his practice in favor of a full-time commitment to art. This year partnership resulted in atlas krovnih konstrukcija production of the extraordinary collection of medical art so familiar to physicians and other medical professionals worldwide.


It is easy to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of Dr.

In pursuit of this principle Dr. Netter is best known as the creator of the Atlas of Human Anatomya comprehensive textbook of gross anatomy that has become the standard atlas for students of the subject. Every effort has atlas krovnih konstrukcija taken to confirm the accuracy of the information atlas krovnih konstrukcija. Netter often integrates pertinent basic and clinical science ele- ments in his anatomic interpretations. This volume brings together two distinct but related aspects of the work of Frank H.

Anterior parietal postcentral sulcal artery also occurs as separate anterior parietal and postcentral sulcal arteries. This intellectual process requires thorough atllas standing of the topic, as Dr.

In the pages of Clinical Symposiaa series of mono- graphs published over a period oknstrukcija more than 50 years, and in The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrationsthis premier medical artist created superb illustrations of biological and physiological atlas krovnih konstrukcija, disease pathology, clinical presentations, and medical procedures.