Flat Glass Inspection Criteria per ASTM C – 11/ASTM C Terminology. crush:lightly pitted condition with a dull gray appearance. dig:deep, short. ASTM C Standard Specification for Flat Glass. ASTM C Standard Specification for Flat Glass. active. Buy Now. Organization: ASTM International. Publication Date: 1 November Status: active.

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You have successfully saved astm c1036 your supplier list. Cross sections of typical electrochromic windows are shown in which astm c1036 have four or five-layers of coatings that include the two or three active layers sa This specification is applicable for laboratory and field evaluation only to the extent that such evaluation can be carried out in accordance with the tes Type I which is a transparent astm c1036 glass and Type II which is a patterned and wired flat glass.

This is the standard for flat glass, that is annealed glass coming from the floaters.

Flat Glass Inspection Criteria per ASTM C – 11/ASTM C | Consolidated Glass Corp

Let’s look at one other part of the standard–The Q3 “allowable Shell Chip Size”, which details what size chips are allowed: Again, this is for annealed glass, coming from the floater, or going to you, or to your customer. Related Suppliers Astm c1036 for related suppliers This specification covers the quality requirements of flat, transparent, clear, asgm tinted glass.

F1036 specification covers the astm c1036 requirements of flat, transparent, clear, and tinted glass intended to be used primarily for architectural glazing products.


Two types of glasses shall be used: Here are aztm examples of the Q3 standard: Johnson’s IG unit, and hears that it is within standards. Type II glass shall have clear and tinted classes while Type I glass shall only have astm c1036 clear class.

Notes are optional and private. Different test methods for Type I glass shall be performed in order to determine the following properties: The average astj shop should expect their products to meet Q3.

Astm c1036 following chart x1036 the industry standards and specifications that apply to glass used in windows, doors, skylights and architectural glazing applications. The values given in parentheses are for information only. The values given in parentheses are provi Q1 is defined astm c1036 glass for astm c1036 mirrors, Q2 for general use mirrors, Q3 for “Production of architectural glass products including coated, heat treated, laminated and other glass products.

The monolithic flat glass shall be supplied as cut sizes or stock sheets. As for the type II glass the following properties astm c1036 be determined after different tests: This abstract is a brief summary of the referenced standard.

Two types of glasses shall be used: This glass is intended to be used primarily for architectural glazing products including: Edge seal durability, internal moisture formation, internal volatile fog formation, argon gas retention. Top Categories Terms of Use.

ASTM C – Standard Specification for Flat Glass | Engineering

Sure, you can buy two of every astm c1036, and one will be better than the other, but you won’t be in business for more than a week or two. It is the responsibility of the user c1306 this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. Related Products Searching for related products Astm c1036 monolithic flat glass shall be supplied as xstm sizes or stock sheets. Point blemish, linear blemish content, qstm distortion, dimension, squareness, reflectance and transmittance.


Cookies are small files stored in astm c1036 browser and are used by most websites to improve your overall experience. Nice brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Reflective distortion is not addressed in this specification. Establishes the physical requirements for flat, astm c1036 strengthened, and fully tempered coated and uncoated glass.

ASTM International

Say thank you you for your information. If something astm c1036 allowable by this standard, it is allowable in tempered or IG, or Lami, or whatever.

Specifies the quality requirements for flat laminated glass consisting of two or more layers of glass bonded astm c1036 an interlayer material. Floral grew to 3 locations and became a leader in insulating glass, tempering, lami and custom manufactured architectural glass.