The Etheric Double was first published in as one of a series by the same author However, their gratitude is due to Powell for his orderly presentation of. Etheric Double has 60 ratings and 7 reviews. Ron said: This is series of 5 books edited by Colonel Arthur E. Powell. He very methodically combined inform. As said himself in his introduction, . It is important to notice that the dense body and the Etheric Double vary together as to their Arthur

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Gregg rated it it was amazing May 02, There is no doubt that the psychic phenomena they described were experienced by them and, indeed, others have since confirmed some of their etheeic. E lectricity, rushing through the atoms, deflects them and holds them in a certain way, and also imparts to them a separate and distinct vibration-rate.

Etheric Double: The Health Aura of Man

Each of the six spokes then seizes on one variety of atom and despatches it to the chakram or part of the body for which it is needed. Even the bodies of men, in the First Round, were constructed of etheric matter only, and resembled vague, drifting and almost shapeless clouds. There are also limits, though wide ones, within which a fairy can alter his size.

We have previously seen that the power of feeling depends on the transmission of contacts to the astral centres, through the matter of the Etheric Double.

The Etheric Double – The Health Aura of Man Arthur E Powell –

These rose-coloured atoms are the original atoms which first drew round them the six others to form the globule. Gamboge having a C.

In the case of astral sight an entirely new element is introduced, often described as that of a fourth dimension. This is series of 5 books edited by Colonel Arthur E. Mediums of low type inevitably attract eminently undesirable astral entities, who may reinforce their own vitality at the expense of mediums and sitters. The aura is observed to consist of three distinct parts, called by Dr. All nervous diseases imply a jangled condition of the Etheric Oduble, and that is also the cause of digestive troubles and sleeplessness.

This time, however, the faculty is precise and exact, under the control of the will, and exercised through a sense organ. The mastery of Kundalini has to be repeated in each incarnation, because in each life the bodies are new, but after it has once been thoroughly achieved, repetition becomes an easy matter.

The principle which gives life is in us srthur without us, is undying and eternally beneficent, is not heard or seen or smelt, but is perceived by the man who desires perception. There are only two ways in which this deterioration or destruction may be brought about, according to the type of person concerned and the proportion of the constituents in his etheric and astral bodies.


artjur In the mineral, astral matter is so little active that there is no perceptible working from the astral to the physical. In addition to this, it possesses a sort of subsidiary whirlpool or minor activity in its central portion, which has twelve undulations of its own. It has already been remarked that although piwell force which vivifies these globules is quite different from light, it nevertheless appears to depend upon light for the power of manifestation.

The matter of the astral body is in a condition of constant movement, the particles flowing and swirling about like those of boiling water, and all of them pass in turn through each of the force-centres. I think this was because these people were raised in Victorian dkuble. Kristin rated it really liked it Mar 18, With animals, the much greater astral consciousness affects their Etheric Ethheric and, by these vouble vibrations, the poweell of the nervous system, which was dimly foreshadowed only in plants, is stimulated.

Even the partial withdrawal of the double produces lethargy in the dense body and almost suspends the vital activities: A comparison is also drawn between the Etheric Double, the inert vehicle of life, and nitrogen, an inert gas with which oxygen is mixed to adapt the latter for animal respiration, and which also enters largely into all organic substances.

Clairvoyant faculty may also sometimes be exhibited under the influence of mesmerism; also by an increased tenseness of the nerves, caused by excitement, hysteria, ill-health, drugs, or certain ceremonial rites which induce self-hypnotism.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Those who have studied the mechanism of reincarnation will be familiar with the fact that, in the case of the etheric body, a factor comes into play which does not operate in the case of the astral or mental bodies.

The greater the mental vigour the bluer becomes the Aura ethsric deficiency of mental power tends to greyness in the Aura. The primary business of this building elemental is to construct the etheric mould into which the physical particles of the new baby-body are to be built. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

There is no attempt to prove or even justify any of the statements. In addition, the Etheric Double develops within itself certain Centres by means of which the man is able to cognise the etheric world and its hosts of etheric phenomena.

As soon as its work is done, there is no power left to hold together its particles and the elemental disintegrates. It has only a diffused consciousness belonging to its parts, and has no mentality, nor does it readily serve as a medium of mentality, when disjoined from the dense counterpart.


The remarkable faculty of magnification of vision, or its converse, is associated with this centre, and will be described in the chapter on Etheric Sight. Healers and yogis, therefore, will especially find this book useful.

Consequently he drifts about, lonely and dumb and terrified, in a thick and gloomy fog, unable to hold intercourse with either plane. There are certain circumstances in which it is both permissible and desirable to form either a shell or a shield of etheric matter, to protect oneself or other people from unpleasant influences of various kinds. His work, necessarily intensive, recalls to notice many isolated and often forgotten facts, which may be of little value or interest considered individually, but which collectively constituted a substantial and useful array.

Its subject is the subtle body which all human beings possess, physical in nature but invisible to ordinary eyes. These gnomes, which have sometimes been seen, and perhaps more frequently heard, in caves or mines, become visible either by materialising themselves by drawing around them a veil of physical matter, or, of course by the spectator becoming temporarily etherically clairvoyant.

Usually of course, this takes place without any conscious effort on the part of the sitters: In the Etheric Double, as well, incidentally, as in each of our other vehicles, there are certain Force-Centres, or Chakrams, as they are called in Sanskrit, this word meaning literally a wheel or revolving disc. There are shapeless masses with huge red gaping mouths, which live upon the loathsome etheric emanations of blood and decaying flesh ; rapacious red-brown crustacean creatures which hover over houses of ill-fame; and savage octopus-like monsters which gloat over the orgies of the drunkard and revel in the fumes of alcohol.

The force of the Kundalini is no ordinary force, but something resistless.

The Etheric Double: A. E. Powell: : Books

The accompanying list shows the large number of books from which he drew. When then, the gaze is transferred to the patient, a belt or band of complimentary colour is seen, the same size and shape as the original strip: The two types are readily recognisable. It maybe mentioned, in passing, that the astral centre corresponding to the spleen etheirc has the function of vitalising the whole astral body.

It will now be useful to study the Etheric Double in its connection with the birth and death of the physical body.

Such impressions will be received through the retina of the eye, affecting of course its etheric matter.