29 Apr performance measurement, and edits for list items b. and c. January update changed all instances of ANSI/EIA to EIA 1 Aug ANSI EIAB standard, go to National Defense Industrial Association. Wilson Blvd., Suite ANSI/EIAB Approved: September 10, GEIA STANDARD EIA- B. Earned Value Management Systems. EIAB. JUNE

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Define contractual effort and assign responsibilities for the work Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting 10 guidelines: Control retroactive changes to records pertaining to work performed that would change previously reported amounts for actual costs, earned value, or budgets.

Document changes to the performance measurement baseline. CIOs can expect to further eia-48-b organization’s business objectives by ensuring that their project portfolios are properly, consistently and systematically managed, and that portfolio values are maximized while risks and costs are minimized. Marella has shown that EVM’s greatest impact is defining the work to be accomplished.

The Top 10 Secrets of Earned Value Management

Identify management reserves aansi undistributed budget. EVM metrics are reliable. EVM has a number of benefits: Comparison of the amount of planned budget and the amount of budget earned for work accomplished. Earned value management EVM is one methodology that’s steadily gaining recognition for doing just that.

The obvious reason is that EVM requires resources to implement.


Effective collaboration and communication links are critical when project teams are cross-functional, and many times cross-company, such that activities and personnel are often physically and organizationally separated.

Initial budgets established for performance measurement will be based on either internal management goals or the external customer negotiated target cost including estimates for authorized but undefinitized work. IT executives can expect improved project delivery, increased return on investment and smarter resource allocation in the short term. EVM’s mechanics can be emphasized individually for maximum benefit.


The assertion that EVM is ideally suited for cost-plus type of contracted projects has long since been disproved. Identify unit costs, equivalent unit costs, or lot costs when needed. Smaller projects require minimal resources, time and effort. The correlation makes practical and theoretical sense because EVM’s principles cover many key aspects of solid project management.

Identify and control level of effort activity by time-phased budgets established for this purpose. The time to implement EVM is in the preplanning stages of the project or, in other words, during project initiation.

From every angle, EVM’s utility as a project management methodology has been substantiated and its contribution to the project’s success validated.

Regardless of project size or type, staff will require training on the methodology. The most conspicuous attribute of EVM is its unique metrics for evaluating and forecasting project performance.

For example, according to the book Earned Value Project Management by Quentin Fleming and Joel Koppelman, one popular definition of EVM is “an approach that integrates the technical scope of work, the schedules and the costs, allowing for the continuous measurement of integrated performance throughout the life cycle of the project.

These principles have been shown to significantly and positively correlate with project success. EVM’s three fundamental techniques – the WBS, the S-Curve and its integrated metrics – can be emphasized individually in varying degrees depending on the project’s circumstances, to assure optimal project planning, execution and control. But the following are highlights of lesser-known data about EVM.

Where the entire control account is not subdivided into work packages, identify the far term effort in larger planning packages for budget and scheduling purposes. Air Force in ansj early s showed that a project’s cumulative cost performance index at the 20 percent project completion mark doesn’t change by more than 10 percent for the remainder of the project.

In larger projects, however, it can be a significant challenge. This comparison provides the cost variance. When a work breakdown structure is used, summarize direct costs from control accounts into the work breakdown structure without allocation of a single control account to two or more work breakdown structure elements.


ANSI/EIAB Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) – ppt download

Establish and maintain a time-phased budget baseline, at the control account level, against which program performance can be measured. Recent research has shown EVM’s asni is actually greater on contracted projects where scope, schedule and costs are fixed, therefore making EVM effective with any project regardless of contract type. Government Accountability Office, in the public sector, “at-risk” IT projects have also been reported as commonplace.

EVM offers IT executives a common platform for planning, executing, monitoring, measuring and controlling one or more projects simultaneously. Identify physical products, milestones, technical performance goals, or other indicators that will be used to measure progress.

The primary difference between implementing EVM on cost-plus contracts as compared to fixed-price contracted projects is the accounting dimension.

The Top 10 Secrets of Earned Value Management

If an eia-748-g baseline is used for performance measurement reporting purposes, prior notification must be provided to the customer.

Contract type doesn’t influence EVM’s benefit. The Standish Group research firm perhaps first dramatized the challenge with the release of its CHAOS report, which found low success rates for many software projects.

Equally important are EVM’s long-term benefits to government strategy. Project management continues to challenge IT executives. It’s one thing for CIOs to expertly match IT solutions to their organizations’ business needs, but a whole other thing to eia7-48-b and implement the solution. Here are 10 important points CIOs should know:.