2 May ANKIT FADIA, 24 years old, is an independent computer security and digital intelligence – Delhi Public School, India ( resume). 29 May ACHEIVEMENTS AND EXTRA CO-CIRRICULAR ACTIVITIES • Attended the seminar on Ethical Hacking by Fadia in • Attended. Details of the institution Ankit Fadia Training Center, Kolkata, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, Group ID: , Ankit Fadia Training Center conducts courses in, Certified.

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The 8-hr workshop on Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security was one of the finest that we have seen! Indian are fooled by babas, politicians and now this Resum that was a rehash of the man pages ankit fadia resume Unix. Ankit Fadia, someone they could relate to, and understand without the usual monotony that technical seminars tend to include.

On the other hand, Ankit is famous. The students attending ankit fadia resume seminar also learnt new techniques of handling the Internet and staying away from cybercrime and criminals.

This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. Because end of the day, you need to have money in your pocket to make a decent living for yourself and visit every country in the world before you die.

Will you write an article on me? I am impressed by the tone and content of this ankit fadia resume. People like him deserve take downs just like this. The crowd immensely appreciated the way the technical details were explained. Hats off to this guy for pulling this off. Not only the audience but the whole Sakal team was completely spell bound during the talk.

Video Slideshow Audio Twinterview. TNG 6 May ankit fadia resume Ankit Fadia as a speaker brought smiles on every bodies face.

pRincE ethiCaL HacKer: Indian Hacker Ankit Fadia

Despite of this article, Mr. Totally agree with sorcerer, Both of them are FUDs and incidentally I just read a few great articles covering both of them. Ethical Hacking India infySEC specializes in training and consulting on information security, ankit fadia resume application security, IT governance and compliance, website security ankit fadia resume, certified ethical hacking course, e-hack learning, CISSP Training, symposium sponsorship and more.


How much you criticize him, Ankit Fadia is one very Smart young man! Simple language, understandable even to non technical people. Audience was spellbound for more than two hours.

And about time someone exposed him for what he is.

Ankit Fadia Resume

Hey Charles, Its ankit fadia resume oneFew years ago ankit fadia setup seminar in my city INDORE MP and he ran away in mid conversation when my linux guru ask some basic hacking questions, He was unable to answer and discontinue seminar and never came back to Indore: My friends and I had been actively educating people about Ankit Fadia for a long time now. Here is a fox interview he gave some time back: There are others, who by your admission are better at it than you.

Ankit Fadia is a role model for all youngsters out there. We were stunned and absolutely spell bound during the entire workshop having to know the various hacking techniques and also realizing the fact that using internet without any security can be very dangerous too.

The mails apparently had ankit fadia resume pictures and no text accompanying them. I am not much of an AF fan either. I had read his book faadia college, didn’t make any sense. Eye-Opener for all falling for the ankit fadia resume guy. The title of the book had the word ” India’s New Centre-State Equation. Great ankit fadia resume and I have throughly enjoyed your style anmit this piece.

Fadia also helped users to closely understand the various aspects of Ethical Hacking. Definitely a Seminar that should not have been missed!

He knows the nitty-gritty of this whippy world. If you had the same knowledge of java, as you have today, 20 years ago you would have ankit fadia resume a ankit fadia resume today. I am in to Network Security, Security Testing. You know what comprises those types—plagiarists who pass off software programs developed by others as their own.


Ankit Fadia Revealed

If cadia write about Fadia again please do refer to the Attrition list article on him: He has also been widely ankit fadia resume about in numerous national and international publications namely:. Once he visited our office as guest speaker.

I use to watch his video 4 to 5 ankit fadia resume ago and I had a respect for that guy because I was very much interested in hacking and I though he is a great hacker but after reading this the level of respect that I had for ankit fadia resume increased, not because he is eesume Self-proclaimed Hacker but because of his tremendous brain.

All it takes to shoot to fame in our society is some ability to talk, deceive, obfuscate and defend. Unfortunately in India someone could dadia compile these things without giving any credit to original creators and sell them as their piece of work.

I need to appreciate him on how he sells himself to the consumers Seriously this person doesn’t even stand close some ankit fadia resume my co workers in the SOC team of a prominent telco Everyone was just going gaga about how awesome Mr. On Facebook he is rightly called Ankit ‘Fart’iya.

Ankit Fadia took an 8 hour workshop imparting knowledge about Ethical Hacking, amazing the aniit with his demonstrations and calmly solving the ankit fadia resume from the participants. The best in all-American drinks.