Danfoss | DCS (im) | AKS 32R is a ratiometric pressure transmitter that converts the measured pressure to a linear output signal. The min. value of the. Find great deals for Danfoss Pressure Transmitter AKS 32r g Sensor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Looking for a Danfoss G Pressure Transducer? You can order online today at great prices and collect in your local branch of have it delivered to where .

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Danfoss RT Temperature Switch. Asco Joucomatic Pneumatic Automation. Danfoss Electronic Soft Starters. Asco Joucomatic Air Service Equipment. Danfoss Solenoid Valves – Marine.

Danfoss Electronic Aks32r danfoss Starters. Danfoss Nessie Power Packs.

Danfoss Spare Parts For Contactors. Danfoss Nessie Water Motors.

Socla Self Acting – Actuated Valves. Asco Joucomatic Pneumatic Accessories. Sirai Solenoid Valves – Micro. Aks32r danfoss minimum output signal is 0. Heavy Fuel Oil Solenoid Valves.

Danfoss pressuer transmitter AKS 32R 060G0077

The Online Industrial Exhibition. Danfoss Pressure Transmitters – Marine. Danfoss KP Pressure Switch.


Asco Dust Collector Systems. Danfoss KP Temperature Switch.

Danfoss pressure transmitter AKS 32R, Pressure transmitters with ratiometric output signal

Danfoss pressure transmitter Pressure sensor Adjustable aks32r danfoss switch Analog pressure sensor Electronic pressure switch Danfoss mechanical pressure switch Diaphragm pressure switch Danfoss liquid pressure switch Danfoss analog pressure transmitter Danfoss relative pressure transmitter Danfoss membrane pressure transmitter Aks32r danfoss absolute pressure transmitter Danfoss gas pressure switch Piezoresistive aks32r danfoss transmitter Danfoss compact pressure transmitter Threaded pressure sensor Danfoss differential pressure switch Adjustable pressure switch Danfoss compact pressure switch Air pressure switch.

Danfoss RT Differential Switches. Go to the Danfoss Industrial Automation website for more information. The robust design makes AKS suitable for a wide range of applications, such as: Asco Joucomatic Air Operated Aks32r danfoss.

Sirai Solenoid Valves – General Purpose. Namur Based Asco Valves. AKS 32R by Danfross is a pressure transmitter that presents any system in which an output is directly proportional to an input.


Proportional Asco Numatics Valves.

Resistant against vibrations, pressure pulsations, humidity and ice formations. Sirai Solenoid Valves – Pinch. Home Terms of Business Delivery Rates. Danfoss RT Differential Switch. Aks32r danfoss MBT Std. Asco Numatics Control Valves. Danfoss Nessie Solenoid Valves. Danfoss Solenoid Valve Coils. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, aks32r danfoss changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates.

AKS 32R, % ratiometric output signal, V DC supply voltage – Visuals

Danfoss AKS transmitters were developed to meet refrigeration and air conditioning demands. Magnetic Latch Asco Valves. Danfoss MBT Sensor. Asco Joucomatic Manually Operated Valves. Sirai Solenoid Valves – Total Aks32r danfoss. Temperature Transmitters and Sensors.

Danfoss Temperature Sensors – Marine. Externally Operated Asco Valves. Vacuum Service Asco Valves.

Danfoss RT Pressure Switches. Cryogenic Asco Solenoid Valves. Danfoss CS Pressure Switch.