Ableton, the Ableton Logo, the Live logo are trademarks of Ableton AG. Apple, GarageBand, Mac, Macintosh, Mac OS and QuickTime are trademarks of Apple. Live comes with a selection of custom-designed, built-in audio effects. (Note: the Amp effect is not available in the Intro, Lite and Standard Editions.) . If Interval is set to ”1 Bar,” for example, and Offset to ”8/16”, material will be captured for. We do not support Ableton Live 9 Lite. For how to Contents. Notations in this manual Microsoft, Windows, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are either registered.

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Guitar amps are designed to be used with accompanying speaker cabinets.

Click and drag up or down to make the signal within the selected volume range louder or quieter. Guitar cabinets are normally fed by guitar amps. If your external device connects to Live via an analog connection, you ableton live lite 8 manual want to adjust your latency settings in milliseconds, which ensures that the amount of time you specify will mankal retained when changing the sample rate.

A common studio technique is to use multiple mics on a single cabinet, and then adjust the balance during mixing.

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If the low frequency is set to Hz and the high ableton live lite 8 manual is set to Hz, then the low band goes from 0 Hz to Hz, the mid band from Hz to Hz and the high band from Hz up to whatever your soundcard or sample rate supports. Enabling the Enhance button results in a brighter sound by normalizing the spectrum and dynamics of the carrier.

The further your signal is out of tune, the faster the band will move. Periodic control of the filter frequency is possible using the envelope section.


Spectrum performs realtime frequency analysis of incoming audio signals. To temporarily solo a single filter, enable Audition mode via the headphone icon.

Ableton Live Tutorial: How to set up your MIDI controller | Sonic Bloom

The first resonator is fed with both the left and right input channels, while the second and fourth resonators are dedicated to the left channel, and the manua and fifth to the right channel. The extent of LFO influence on the frequency is set abletn the Amount control.

When using the random waveform, the Phase and Spin controls are not relevant and do not affect the sound. In Expand mode, the Ratio can ableton live lite 8 manual be set to values below 1.

Live 9 Lite | Ableton

lie Kit-Corewith decay turned up. Negative values also add attack, but ableton live lite 8 manual sustain. Phaser uses a series of all-pass filters to create a phase shift in the frequency spectrum of a sound. Double clicking a clip will open it in the effects controls section at the bottom of the screen. This amp was widely used by guitarists of the British Invasion.

Ableton Live Tutorial: How to set up your MIDI controller

The Avg slider allows you to specify how many blocks of samples will be averaged for each update of the ableton live lite 8 manual.

After pressing Undo, the button changes to Redo, which replaces the material removed by the last undo. The Range sliders adjust the frequency range avleton which the bandpass filters will operate.

Many MIDI controllers offer a combination of keyboard keys and buttons, and you can even configure the keyboard keys to trigger clips instead of playing notes — the possibilities truly are endless! In this case, insert the Compressor on the track you want to duck. The sound of Pitch and Spray depends ableton live lite 8 manual much on this parameter.


The other extreme — a very small value — will give it a highly colored, metallic feel. It can coat oive signals with a soft saturation or drive them into many different flavors of distortion.

If you press Clear in Overdub mode while the transport is ableton live lite 8 manual, the contents of the buffer are cleared but the tempo and length are maintained. The Channel Mode chooser allows selective processing of the left and right channels of llve sample.

Note that Spectrum is not an audio effect, but rather a measurement tool — it does not alter the incoming signal in any way. Each distortion type adds an increasing degree of distortion, while lending its own character to the overall sound: RMS mode causes Compressor to be less sensitive to very short peaks and compress only when the incoming level has exceeded the threshold for a slightly longer time.

But by using sidechainingit is possible to apply dynamics processing to a signal based on the level of another signal or ableton live lite 8 manual specific frequency component. The Tempo Control chooser affects how Looper determines the tempo of recorded material: This allows you to see the amount of gating that is occurring at any moment, and helps you to set the appropriate parameters.

This can be used in conjunction with or instead of the livf follower.