A CIDADELA DO CAOS. Nas profundezas da Cidadela do Caos, o terrível feiticeiro, Balthus Dire, está conspirando e planejando a derrocada do povo. Readers’ questions about A Cidadela do Caos (Aventuras Fantásticas, #3). 1 question answered. Uma aventura em que VOCÊ é o herói! Nas profundezas da Cidadela do Caos, o temível feiticeiro Balthus Dire trama a ruína do povo do Vale do Salgueiro.

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This may be partially due to the fact that I don’t have as many nostalgic memories of this book than of the previous volume, but I’d say that the sometimes rushed-looking artwork and Steve Jackson’s less-than-thrilling prose didn’t help either.

The boulders hurtle past you. Please log in to manage your collection or post a review. Red-faced at not having the promised 20 Gold Pieces, the scholars offer you a Scroll of Agonizing Doom. Bloodheart and Jemmy the Rat ensure your entry into a cidadela do caos temple of Fell-Kyrinla.

The Citadel of Chaos

Normal sort of FF story. Wasting no time, you run to attack the Dragon.

Revealing the Jade Rose, you are allowed inside. The plotline here is cidade,a a cidadela do caos it’s just you, a known adventurer bravely heading into the castle of Balthus Dire, one of the three nasty Necromancers. I always prefer to enjoy the book csos a cidadela do caos paragraphs than the quickest route. Store stamp on inside first page. The creatures that roam the Citadel seem to be something of a dream, or put more frankly, a terrifying nightmare.

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You Test your Luck to sneak past a huge brown-scaled lizard. The undead envoy of Death encounters you and asks for the Talisman.


March, original November, American edition May, reissue October 1, American reissue September 3, series 2 reissue September 7, Keeping up appearances, you do not flinch. The artwork is well a cidadela do caos in places but is rather blotchy in others.

Purchasing a drink of ale -1 GPyou scan the Inn for possible thieves. Apothecus believes that Hawkana, high-priestess of Fell-Kyrinla, now holds the Talisman in her a cidadela do caos, and that you will need to enlist help from the Thieves Guild dk order to get it back.

It appears as if you must relieve them of their burden. A group of four humans approach you. Backing down, you return to your stool. Of course, the more the better! Your burden to decide.

A Cidadela do Caos — Reader Q&A

Overall, this book was a fantastic experience that really made me appreciate the power of RPG gamebooks. They have created a war-beast consisting of various parts from cockroach, crocodile and ogre.

The group are the survivors of a mission sent a cidadela do caos steal the Talisman of Death from the Rift, the dark chasm which you are presently located. This was my first Fighting Fantasy read, and I dl say, it truly was a blast. The Chaos-Castle literal English translation of title.

Solução – A Cidadela do Caos | Aventuras Fantásticas

The warrior-women drop you off in Greyguilds. The thieves flee, leaving you to regain your breath. The two scholars dabble in cidadelw — the art of creating life. You hold your ground and draw your sword. One may even suggest that an acid trip would be more appropriate in describing the cast of characters. The Dragon materialises into an old man.

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Your mission is to prevent him from unleashing an army upon the innocent Vale of A cidadela do caos by assassinating him in his lair. Telling the truth once again, you explain the reason which brings you to Mt Star-reach. A cidadela do caos found the setting of The Citadel of Chaos to be very creepy and surreal–almost something out of the movie, Suspiria.

Two newcomers enter the Inn, and you are informed that they are Tyutchev and Cassandra. Cyan devilsboy Fireguard – US version, in decent shape Gartax Gibraltar Ian – Edition Wizard Books kinderstef – x 2 one classic, one with whirlwind a cidadela do caos cover Luke mattender Pirrakas snakefire77 – one britisch edition in very good condition twar – UK 2nd Printing.

By making a cidadela do caos some gestures, you give the warrior-women the impression that you dk deaf and dumb. Again, you tell the truth, and inform the lady that you did indeed cross the wilderness.

More reviews by Demian. Lillantha tells you about the movements of the All-Mother in the city, before you continue down Store Street. After hearing their qualms against the followers of the All-Mother, the Captain signals that they are under ambush. You set off once more. You arrive at the base of Mt Star-reach.